A Family-Friendly Condo That Exudes Luxury And Style


The owners of the condominium at Ferraria Park had first moved in seven years ago, but it was only after having three kids that they decided on a renovation. Although delayed, it couldn’t be timelier. With a more substantial budget in hand, they could now afford to build the ultimate family home to accommodate their growing children, without compromising on the luxury look.

For the makeover, they engaged Lush Interior Design. The brief that they shared with Don Wong, the project’s lead designer, was simple and succinct. The dwelling had to accommodate seven people – particularly the ever-changing needs of the owners’ three young ones.

“For this family, I wanted to encourage that cherished communal experience,” explains Don of the common ground’s open layout. “Combining living, dining and patio together helps promote interactions, conversations and family bonding.” To achieve this, the team had to demolish a wall that encloses the kitchen and level the floors across the adjoining living zones. As a result, the linearity of the shared areas is augmented and light is able to flow seamlessly across the space. In addition, the crew stripped off and dismantled every bit of the pad’s existing cabinets – thus presenting an entirely clean slate for the family to begin building their dream home.

But that’s not all. This open concept also allowed the addition of a brand-new dining-cum-dry kitchen area into the interior of the condo. Serveware, snacks and other daily supplies stocked within the recesses of the cabinets mean the kids don’t have to access the wet kitchen for when they crave a bite or a drink, ensuring their safety.

“The apartment houses seven people, so customised storage is key to serving their varying needs,” says Don. “Furthermore, it will keep the surroundings clutter-free even with little ones around.”

Case in point, the end-to-end living room storage that spans an impressive seven metres in length. This feature wall is designed with a central open shelving that acts as a designer bookshelf centrepiece, while on its flank lies a combination of reconfigurable shelving to meet changing family needs. There’s also ample concealed storage for stashing away items that are not meant for public scrutiny. Clad in all-white laminates with black and wooden accents, this bespoke piece simply emanates a luxurious contemporary vibe.

One of the perks of custom carpentry is the liberty of fully maximising a room’s square footage, no matter how restrained. Don designed the kids’ domains to be packed with pockets of utility spaces that serve their needs now and beyond. Take for instance the glass display unit and shelves at the foot of the bunk bed. Each child is entitled to a personal showcase area that holds favourite toys or storybooks. Once outgrown, these can be replaced with other items like a picture frame or a journal. On top of that, Don outfitted the place with a long desk for study sessions, useful even as they graduate from school to work. In fact, even the aesthetics in both rooms are adaptable. Wood laminates appear timeless and will suit the children at whichever stage of life they are at, while pops of pastel hue sprinkle a dash of fun and whimsy into this part of the home.

One of the homeowners’ wishes was to own a covetable master suite that exudes luxurious hotel vibes. Don proposed a setup where glass—in lieu of opaque—partitions demarcate the en-suite bathroom from the sleeping space. Although not for everyone, this layout strikes the right notes with the couple, especially since privacy has never been an issue. What’s more, the love birds are big on communication and prefer catching up with each other even as they go about their daily routine whether in or out of the bath space. The lack of opaque partitions also makes the area feel larger than it really is, fulfilling the pair’s request for a brighter and more spacious sanctuary. “Taking into consideration the fact that their room is on the first floor, we equipped the glass panel with blinds that are automatically activated whenever the windows are left open,” explains the designer as he pointed out this clever detail.

Witnessing their dream home finally take shape after seven years makes this moment a special one for the couple. But what transcends this experience is seeing how the overhaul went beyond a style revamp. The luxury condominium has been transformed into a fully functional home that is adept in ensuring that transitions are made effortless for all members of the family.

This post was adapted from an article originally published in the February 2020 issue of SquareRooms.