Feast Your Eyes On This Gorgeous Sengkang HDB

When Sengkang residents Raja Mohammad Fairuz and his wife Idayu wanted to renovate their new home, they decided to design it themselves. After all, Raja, an architecture lecturer at Ngee Ann Polytechnic possessed all the know-how and design sense.

One of the most practical solutions in the living space is the L-shaped TV console-cum-bay window seating that provides multiple uses – it is a storage solution, display platform and seating. The tactile feature wall was patiently laid out by Raja with hand-cut solid oak panels procured from an independent woodworker. The couple sourced their chic collection of furniture and furnishings from stores like The V Furniture, Mulamu, Departures & Arrivals and Make & Made. Some of their soft furnishings are from Indonesia as Raja travels there for work often.

The time and effort that he and his wife put in paid off as they have been crowned the SquareRooms Home Search 2016 winners. Simple, quietly chic and thoughtfully furnished, their five-room BTO flat is a prime example of a truly liveable home.

Before beginning the design process, the couple had a clear idea of what they wanted and had already started gathering inspiration from magazines, books and websites. Raja then came up with the design drafts and renderings. All they had to do was to hire a design and build contractor to execute their ideas.

The built up bar counter is a special request from the couple as it is not only used as a dining table. It also works as a prep island and crafting station. Drawers built into the counter provide additional storage while a power source installed here allows for easy access when the family organises steamboat dinners or use kitchen gadgets when baking.

It was a chance encounter below their void deck that brought them together with Team Interior Design. Their fifth-floor BTO unit at Compassvale Mast is a lofty space thanks to its soothing scheme of natural tones and smart storage solutions. Idayu, a primary school teacher, says that one of her main requirements is plenty of storage solutions.

Some of these storage spaces can be found cleverly incorporated into a stretch of bay window benches by the floor-to-ceiling windows. Constructed out of solid oak countertops purchased from IKEA’s kitchen collection and cut to size to fit Blum system drawers beneath, the low-slung storage compartments double up as extra seating for friends and family when they come over for gatherings.

Oak is a major theme in this apartment because the homeowners love the outdoors and wanted to include natural elements in their space. As such, oak-effect laminates have been used on some of the kitchen cabinets. These are complemented by white glossy laminates with black piping contrast, a practical choice since glossy laminates are easy to maintain. The couple also went for natural-looking KompacPlus countertops and timber-effect vinyl flooring laid out in a herringbone pattern.

A wall was hacked away to create an open concept kitchen and dining area. Idayu says, “I like the open concept space because I like having people over. This way, we can carry on conversations from anywhere in the house.” Another thoughtful adjustment done to accommodate guests is the repositioning of the kitchen sink. Usually hidden deep within the cooking zone, the sink is now near the dining area so guests wouldn’t feel shy using the sink.

The herringbone pattern is another recurring theme in the home. Applying it as a subtle leitmotif throughout the flat, the pattern—which reminds Raja and Idayu of mountain ranges—can be seen on floors, walls, cabinet doors and even on textile prints.

Perhaps one of the most striking things in the communal zone is the feature wall at the entertainment area. Laid out in a herringbone pattern with real oak panels hand-cut by a woodworker, the wall is Raja’s pride and joy because he spent time aligning it himself. Leftover panels not used for the feature wall were made into a nest of minimalist-chic coffee and side tables, which the homeowners designed.

The couple’s eye for detail and practical thinking also led to the creation of a soothing light-filled master bedroom. Instead of building a walk-in wardrobe that required them to sacrifice an adjacent room, they went for a semi walk-in wardrobe made from frosted glass panels and built-in oak-laminated drawers.

For the master bedroom, the homeowners’ main objective was to keep it as airy as possible. To hide away clutter, they designed a platform to support the bed and provide some storage compartments.

The sleeping zone has also been maximised. Instead of the usual bed frame, the couple got their contractor to build a platform to support the bed and contain a series of hidden storage compartments.

When asked to describe their flat, Raja and Idayu say that they like to think of it as a modern Asian home with an emphasis on functionality. Thanks to their astute material choices, practical thinking and personal touches, their Sengkang abode is not only stylish it is also inviting and tranquil—a true sanctuary in every sense of the word.