Get Inspired By This Chic Black-And-White HDB Flat


As famous American poet Robert Frost once said, “freedom lies in being bold”, such is the underlying philosophy behind the daring monochrome look sported by this 4-room flat in Punggol. From the living room to the walk-in wardrobe, each space in the unit closely follows the same colour scheme.

“The homeowners gave me quite abit of latitude while I was working on this project,” says interior designer Dan Wu of Dan’s Workshop. “They only specified one requirement and that was to bring out an ultra-sleek look by using black and white as the house’s primary shades.”

Taking a tour around the flat’s interior, one can immediately tell that Dan had put his creative freedom to good use. Upon stepping past the front door, visitors are greeted by a stylish living room replete with modish furnishings. These include a flat-screen TV framed within a jet-black console as well as a snazzy sofa from BoConcept. Apart from playing up the contrast with the white porcelain floor, both sets of furniture also imbue the living room with a contemporary upmarket look.

This pristine image is further enhanced by two broad pairs of casement windows that allow the living room to be flooded with natural light. Likewise, the ubiquitous presence of reflective surfaces contributes to the immaculate feel of the space’s surroundings with their lustrous sheen. Take for instance, the single strip of mirror glass and the burnished silver clock mounted on the living room’s rear wall, which lend a glossy appearance to the zone.

In similar fashion, the open-plan kitchen echoes the living’s room design motif by emulating its swanky ambience. Primarily composed of a fully-equipped storage area as well as an immaculate white acrylic worktop cum dining table, the kitchen gives off a classy vibe with its well-paired fittings and bohemian accessories.

For a start, the matte black coating of the kitchen cabinets serve as a refreshing alternative to conventional wood finishes. The same can be said for the metallic hood and the fridge’s burnished exterior, both of which bestow the surrounding space with an industrial feel. White porcelain cutlery also take the place of traditional silver tableware here, marking yet another departure from conformity.

Despite adopting the same palette, the master bedroom gives off a sense of cosiness with its collection of comfy furniture. Located right at the room’s entrance, a welcoming king-sized bed and a stubby side table detract from the sophistication of the kitchen and living room with their homely appeal. Close by, a wicker chair situated beside a full-length mirror, adds a relaxing charm to an otherwise sterile environment.

The adjoining walk-in wardrobe adopts a functional look with its no-frills design. Comprised of a simple handbag shelf and a clothes-storage space, the wardrobe takes on an open concept, which offers the homeowners unfettered access to their belongings. As a finishing touch, the space also features a set of knee-high drawers that comes equipped with an unfolding mirror – allowing it to double as a mini dresser.

This was adapted from an article originally written by Stanley Lim in the June issue of SquareRooms.