Get Inspired By This Classically Good Looking Apartment

Part traditional, part modern and all-around stylish – American-style decor is as much a melting pot of design characteristics as its country of origin. Accordingly, it was due to this intrinsic flexibility as well as their time over in America that led the homeowners of this four-bedroom apartment to contact T.M Design Studio design director, Sam Huang, to re-create this very look for their new abode in Taichung, Taiwan.

Over a period of nine months – three for planning and six for renovation works – Sam reworked the entire apartment’s interior to create an elegant family home that presents a unique take on the classic American-inspired design style.

“The final appearance of the apartment very much retains the look and feel of the owners’ previous home in the U.S., but it also possesses a certain flexibility that allows for different expressions of style as well as the ability to seamlessly accommodate any furniture pieces that the owners might wish to add in the future,” Sam says. “In particular, a washed-out palette as well as simple but elegant fittings are the key elements that help to bring out the apartment’s overall cosy and classy look.”

Articulating this concept best is the apartment’s entryway, which takes on a basal shade of cool grey, offset by the drab pastel greens belonging to a pair of carpented shoe and cloak cabinets, which flank the space’s central passage. Completing the look are metallic pull bars from Buster+Punch that give the surrounding storage structures a touch of class.

The adjoining living room is no less impressive with its collection of complementary colours and chic furniture pieces that come together to form a truly cohesive space. For instance, the choice of a grey cement-finished floor goes particularly well with similarly-hued panelled walls located behind the seating zone.

“Just like an art gallery, having a simple backdrop also makes it easy to bring out the distinctive details of the designer pieces within the living room, such as the dimples of a Nathan Anthony Sabine ottoman and the quirky silhouette of a Serge Mouille standing lamp,” Sam explains.

As for the dining area, an inherently broad passageway made it possible to install a generous island and a long dining table, capable of seating up to eight. “It is important for the owners to have a large dining area as they frequently invite guests over. The elongated nature of the space also lends to its appeal by giving it a sense of never-ending continuity. Meanwhile, displayed art pieces and unique lighting options create visual interest, which likewise draws the eye towards the zone,” says Sam.

Save for slightly different layouts and variations in fittings, the guest, master and secondary bedrooms all feature common elements for a streamlined visual profile. Aside from herringbone parquet flooring, the bedrooms all feature a consistent colour scheme that continues with the soft-grey and pastel green palette of the general living spaces.

In the master bedroom, the sleeping zone is fronted by a generous wardrobe that stores the female owner’s extensive collection of clothing and accessories. A pair of small alcoves were also created within the structure, one to store the master bedroom’s entertainment centre and the other to serve as a convenient dressing corner.

As for the guest quarters, which is occasionally used by the homeowners’ family and friends, essential storage is provided by a tall carpented wardrobe that adjoins an inviting POLIFORM bed.

Keeping things equally simple as well are the bedrooms belonging to the owner’s son and daughter, which consist a bed, study table and wardrobe each. “The owners opted for a straightforward, but no less comfortable design for their children’s bedrooms so as to make things easier for future decor changes or space adjustments,” Sam elaborates.

When asked about the owners’ thoughts about their home’s new look, Sam claims that they were highly satisfied. “Thanks to the inclusion of American design influences, the owners really felt that they were back in their original home in the States, and they would love to work with us again if the opportunity arises,” he says.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the July 2017 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: T.M Design Studio