Sea Views for Days

Inspired by their past rental experiences, the homeowners engaged their friend and interior designer Max to amalgamate everything they love in their new home.

As much a home for the couple as a tribute to the neighbourhood, this 3-bedroom condominium unit along East Coast Park is designed to be bright, airy, and biophilic. Achieving this required a complete overhaul of the layout, ensuring ample natural light, facilitating cross-ventilation, and even making room for marine life.


The homeowners’ passions become immediately apparent as you step through their door. Nature takes centrestage, evident in the blue marble tiles and their cherished possession – a mesmerising reef tank. The latter not only creates a soothing ambience at the entrance, but the motion of its ripples also casts an ethereal glow throughout the living room when the lights are dimmed at night.

Living and dining room

Limewash paint is featured throughout the living room, maintaining a minimalistic aesthetic aside from a striking television console. Crafted from concrete and wood, the contrasting textures not only add visual interest but also serve as a canvas for house plants.

In the dining room, the use of natural materials takes a subtler turn, with strip lighting discreetly embedded within a linear wooden log. This lighting highlights a custom dining table boasting a rounded tabletop and legs, positioned harmoniously against the backdrop of a curved balcony.

In this space, the original ventilation windows have been replaced by a glass curtain system, allowing panels to be neatly tucked away to reveal a panoramic view.


A structural wall which could not be demolished is now the heart of the house, incorporating a fish tank, a bench, storage facilities, and an integral part of the kitchen, cleverly achieving the essential “kitchen triangle” with its sink, fridge, and cooking hob.

The sink unit from the common bathroom has also found a new home within this centrepiece to make it more accessible. Remarkably, the mirror has been strategically positioned to capture a reflection of the sea, bringing a little calm into the humdrum of everyday life.


Drawing inspiration from their prior rental homes, where cement floors became a familiar feature, they opted to maintain this element. To create contrast, a darker shade of wood laminate graces the master bedroom. The master bathroom boasts microcement and dune finishes, similar to the common bathroom, which exudes a cave-like ambiance. However, unlike the latter, it stands out with an aperture, adding an interactive element to the space.

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