This Aesthetically-Pleasing Family Home Channels A Classy Mid-century Modern Vibe


Living in compact apartments is not an anomaly in Singapore. The same goes with living in multigenerational homes. Sharing a space with a few family members has led most Singaporeans to be smart in the spatial planning of their dwellings.

For this family of six occupying a 1,600-square foot condominium unit, concessions had to be made so that each inhabitant feels comfortable. The family unit of this home consists of the male homeowner and his wife, their twin sons as well as the male homeowner’s mother and sister. The first thing that their interior designer Billy Chew of Fuse Concept did was to propose a slight adjustment in the positioning of the doors of two common bedrooms. This was done to open up space in each bedroom so that they could easily accommodate a couple of beds and a wall of storage units.

As the home is shared among six, keeping it neat and tidy was a priority. The entire house was installed with built-in cabinets to stash things away. From a shoe cabinet at the entryway and an entertainment console in the living room to the study table with attached cabinets in the home office down to the master bedroom with its built-in wardrobes, built-in furniture was installed throughout the home to maximise every square inch of the space.

One great example of how space was cleverly utilised to fit the lifestyle of the family can be see at the dining area. A wall of cabinets was created with a special niche to accommodate a piano. This clever space-maximising feature even includes a pair of casement doors that hide a desktop monitor. The user need only swing open the doors and the space transforms into a makeshift work area.

While the inhabitants were keen to create a highly functional abode that makes use of available space, a home that exudes timeless style was high on their wish list too. The occupants particularly like the mid-century modern look with its sleek lines and vintage vibes. As such, interior designer Billy incorporated various mid-century style elements into the home. These include wall mouldings, dark woodgrained surfaces, leather and solid wood furniture, and streamlined accessories.

Pops of colour also distinguish certain parts of the home from a predominantly neutral backdrop. An electric blue TV cabinet adds a playful punch to an otherwise simple living area, while wall art and photographs add a personal touch to the apartment.

Just like the communal zones, all three bedrooms feature built-in furniture that maximise every square inch of the unit’s floor plan. The sons’ shared bedroom, for example, has been fitted with custom-designed beds with attached drawer storage as well as built-in bookshelves and wardrobes. The same goes for the room shared by the homeowner’s mother and sister – this sleeping area is almost identical to the boys’ bedroom other than the fact that it includes a vanity rather than a bookshelf.

The master bedroom also features a custom-made bed frame with attached drawer storage and bedside tables-cum-drawers. Full-height wardrobes designed with moulding add to the bedroom’s relaxed vibe.

Also exuding tranquil vibes are the two bathrooms. Opting for a total revamp for the two bathing spaces, the homeowners chose new patterned tiles and woodgrained cabinetry to match the home’s mid-century modern theme. Black framed glass partitions were also used here to complement the frames seen in the communal area.

With its assemblage of storage solutions and built-in furniture paired with an aesthetically pleasing design, this apartment is the perfect example that a multigenerational home can be stylish while meeting the needs of all its inhabitants.

This was adapted from an article originally written by Jolene Limuco published in the April 2019 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: Fuse Concept