This HDB Executive Apartment’s Open Configuration And Fresh White Palette Cultivate A Sunny And Spacious Disposition


A love for gardening transpired into a nature-inspired design brief for this resale HDB executive apartment. With the renovation helmed by Mesh Werk Studio, the designers reveal how the homeowners’ vision for their marital home was influenced by their interest in organic textures within a modern setting. “They asked for something bright, spacious and nature-driven — one where they could enjoy laidback contemporary living after a long day,” says the team of the married couple who are in the creative industry.

And so began the hacking works to introduce a fluidity of light and space into the communal zones. The previously enclosed kitchen is now transformed into an open-concept cook space with two entry points. Integrated with the dining and living zones which underwent hacking works as well, the kitchen sports a similar application of vinyl flooring. “We wanted to carry the same neutral-coloured flooring over to most of the communal zones to create a seamless transition,” say the designers. “Most importantly, it evokes a spacious effect since there are no boundaries.”

The minimal palette is reflected on the whitewashed walls which are punctuated by stronger accent tones. These contrasting colours and textures serve as prominent focal points to anchor the different communal zones. For instance, the foyer is marked by a surprise factor with one side of the structural wall painted in a deep mossy green hue. The living room is otherwise demarcated by whispers of grey while the dining room takes on shots of light cement screed textures.

Functionality is very much evident in these communal zones as well where the designers introduced a useful amount of storage and tabletop surfaces. With the island counter set at the heart of the home, the open-concept kitchen is fully equipped to take on cooking and entertaining duties at ease. The team also worked in a pantry complete with full-height storage compartments to store everything well in order. On the other side, where the mossy green feature wall takes centre stage, the multi-purpose island counter can be used as a breakfast spot without cramping up the walkway.

A row of full-height cabinetry stands neat and streamlined next to the bespoke TV console. Fitted with a running side and back guard, the low-rise console sports a wood-laminated finish which emanates warmth against the modern grey painted backdrop. It complements the dark wood-effect tiles in the balcony, and this hardwearing flooring proves to be the perfect solution to define this mini indoor garden from the rest of the vinyl-decked spaces.

Separating this tiny ‘plot’ of greenery from the dining space is a newly-fitted installation of louvered glass windows. It replaces the wall which has been knocked down in place of this metal frame of wire window panels to improve the circulation of light and air. Regulated to a cosy corner, the dining area is furnished with a rustic-looking dining set from Soul & Tables. The organic form and groove details of the matching dining table and chairs add a punch of texture and woody warmth to the simple setting of light cement screeding.

Over in the private zones, one of the common bedrooms has been converted to a workspace. It is enclosed by metal sliding doors rather than a wall and door, and this industrial-style treatment outlines the space with a bold aesthetic and an abundance of daylight. The master bedroom received an idyllic makeover with softer neutral colours that promote a picture of serenity. An integration of the vanity table within the L-shaped wardrobe keeps things streamlined and spacious. The rooms also sports a warm contrast of dark wood accents channelled through the vinyl flooring and bedframe from Muji, and this plays homage to the running nature-inspired theme.

Tucked into nature through a calming palette of fresh neutrals and organic finishes, every aesthetic of this home fulfils the homeowners’ personal design narrative. This modern and spacious take on the nature-inspired style by Mesh Werk Studio will definitely be welcoming and aesthetically pleasing for the long term.

This was adapted from an article originally written by Disa Tan published in the November 2019 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: Mesh Werk Studio