This Trendy Pastel-Themed 4-Room BTO Flat Is A Sight For Sore Eyes

When it comes to creating bright and cheery interiors, nothing quite beats the appeal of a pastel-centred colour scheme. Despite its relative simplicity, this combination of subdued hues is capable of softening even the harshest-looking space by bringing in a calm and stylish vibe.

It was due to this particularly soothing quality, along with their clients’ sense of style that influenced interior designers Wilson Teng and Vandra Png of Studio FortyFour to propose a cosy tan-and-neutral backdrop, accented with understated pastels for this four-room BTO apartment.

Opening up to an interesting entryway that mixes diamond-shaped and wood-effect porcelain tiles – the tranquil yet lively aesthetic of the apartment is immediately conveyed through an all-white wall adorned with nifty Muuto Dot hooks, which make for convenient “grab-and-go” storage fixtures.

Further enhancing the apartment’s uniqueness is a mix of custom-made furnishings occupying the general living spaces. The living room, which can be zoned off from the adjoining entryway by a pair of sliding doors, prominently features a periwinkle Playground sofa by furniture designer Jens Juul Eilersen and a Turning storage table from Menu.

Similarly, the back of the living area communicates the dualism behind the apartment’s design as it doubles up as a welcoming gathering zone for visitors as well as a home office. Making this possible is a thoughtfully customised table that not only provides a generous surface for game nights but also serves as a dedicated work corner.

As for the kitchen, Wilson devised a colour palette that conveys a balance between masculinity and femininity. Emphasising the “his-and-hers” aspect of the apartment’s design are rose pink wall cabinetry and a navy blue corner counter, which maximise the cooking area’s functionality despite its limited size.

Joining them in giving the kitchen more character are brass accents that wrap around the counter’s base. “The brass details were included as they create a floating illusion that would ‘lighten’ the counter’s appearance,” says Wilson.

In the master bedroom, overarching design influences can be found in its calming white-blue dual toned walls and mismatched flooring, which transitions from chevron-shaped tiles in the walk-in wardrobe’s vicinity to the unique fabric-textured vinyl slabs of the sleeping zone.

Adjacent in the the master en suite, new fixtures such as a Grohe rain shower and vanity dressed in white-core marble laminates from Jennings were added during the makeover. The bathroom walls and floors were also respectively reworked with solid pink as well as speckled white tiles that the owners spotted during a shopping trip with the Studio FortyFour team.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the July 2017 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: Studio FortyFour