The Orange Cube | Contemporary | Sunset Way

Sleek furniture, warm cove lighting and wood elements add a sense of cosiness to this contemporary three-bedroom condo unit.


Space: 3-bedroom condominium unit
Size: Approx. 1,700 square feet
Location: Sunset Way
Home to: 2 adults, 2 children
Designer: Karen Bohn from The Orange Cube
Reno Period: 10 weeks


The Orange Cube Sunset Way

To achieve a spacious and airy abode for this family of four, designer Karen Bohn of The Orange Cube utilised airy whites and cosy woodgrains throughout the home. In the living room, a generous television console oozes subtle elegance with its light wood laminates, where stainless steel strips help break the monotony of the design while camouflaging joint lines at the same time.


The Orange Cube Sunset Way

The external walls of the dining zone were removed to open up a once dark and closed- off space. Additionally, a wall was demolished to carve out a wet and dry kitchen, where the latter is now fitted with a multipurpose cabinets and storage niches that provide easy access to the homeowners’ coffee and alcohol collection.

Master bedroom

The Orange Cube Sunset Way

The master bedroom is an oasis of calm thanks to its simple design and a light brown accent wall. In addition to the full-height wardrobe units that flank the room’s entryway, a standing dresser was installed at the foot of the bed to provide extra storage space for clothes and other accessories.

Master en suite

The Orange Cube Sunset Way

In the en-suite bathroom, the walls were overlaid with marble- lookalike tiles that create hotel- like ambience. For visual interest, stone-textured tiles were used on the wall above the vanity. Meanwhile, a pair of granite ledges within the shower zone and a raised ledge behind the sink provide a landing spot for toiletries and other essentials.

Daughter’s bedroom

The Orange Cube Sunset Way

Fitted with a combination of dark wood and white tones, the junior bedroom also adopts a cosy vibe seen in the rest of the apartment. Used by the young occupant for both rest and study, the entire space is huge on functionality, thanks to a sizeable study desk – complete with display niches – and a full-height wardrobe that flank the perimeters of the room.

About The Orange Cube

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This post was adapted from an article originally published in the January 2019 issue of SquareRooms.