3 Steps You Can Take To Cosy Up Your Home

Not only is the living room the place your refuge after a long day at work, it is also where you spend most of your time relaxing and bonding with your family. Hence, it’s ever so important to set up the right ambience and decorate it with mood enhancers that will imbue the space with warmth and cosiness. Here are 3 fail-proof ways for you to create a welcoming living room.

  1. Pile on the cushions
    Never underestimate the effect cushions can have on a living space. By simply arranging some throw pillows or beanbags on your sofa, armchairs or window seats, your room will instantly appear more hospitable and welcoming, inviting guests to take a seat and rest awhile. To add a personal touch, look out for customised or handmade designs that showcase your individual tastes!


  2. Get the right lighting
    When it comes to creating ambience, lighting is everything. From the design of the lamp or lightbulbs, its placing and position, to the colour and shade of the light – every one of these factors come into play to give you homey living area. For instance, you can opt for more yellowish lighting, as the warm hues will emphasise the cosiness of your home.


  3. Create a photo wall
    Feature walls are the hot new trend, and there’s a good reason why. Having a wall that stands out with artwork, photos or unique architectural designs are the easiest way to personalise a house. For a sentimental hint, you might choose to insert some photos of you and your family as well.  And if you’re worried about unsightly light switches ruining your wall’s aesthetic, get yourself the new Schneider Electric AvatarOn switch – a slim and minimalist light switch that will blend in perfectly with however you choose to decorate your wall. Though small, with its frameless unitary design, AvatarOn will transform your living room greatly. What’s more, AvatarOn switches feature a vast range of interchangeable covers. Whether it is your favourite pooch or a happy holiday snapshot, you can personalise your living room and add to its aesthetics with this versatile and functional accessory.

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