5 Design Tips From These Stylish Homes

Designing the perfect home for your family doesn’t have to be a head-scratcher. Here’s 5 essential tricks to note from these stylish houses.

Tile style

Image credit: Unity ID Pte Ltd

Many tend to opt for tile flooring and a solid material for their walls, but don’t be afraid to switch things up by doing the opposite instead. Tiling walls – or just a section of it – creates a depth and unconventional take on the room’s overall look, while a solid graphite or concrete flooring allows a rustic, natural feel.

Choosing the right decor

Image credit: Free Space Intent

Image credit: Free Space Intent

Having a spacious room layout is one thing, but enhancing it with varying decorations can make a world of difference. Think of a theme that’s unique to your personality or your family’s and feel free to experiment with contrasting colours, materials and geometric shapes. With enough trial and error, you’ll have the dream home you envisioned!

Go green

Image credit: Eightytwo

A minimalist approach to designing your abode never goes out of style and keeps things back to basics, but make sure not to forget your greens! Having potted plants, terrariums or floral arrangements can also help to breathe life into a room, and make for a lush interior.

Organisation is key


Image credit: Ganna Studio

What’s a room without consideration for your storage needs? When planning for your home, keep in mind space for an area to host your everyday items in a neat and orderly manner. Bookshelves, cabinets and cupboards shouldn’t be afterthoughts – they can also be decorative pieces if placed strategically.

Quality, not quantity

Image credit: Eightytwo

Instead of over-furbishing your home with multiple pieces, choose minimally and wisely to make a greater impact. Not only will it help you avoid spending money on unnecessary furniture, empty spaces also exude a clean and spacious vibe, and allow easier access for that all-important weekly cleaning.