A Trendy And Resilient Material For Your Hardworking Kitchen Counter


Strong, durable and versatile, quartz is undoubtedly one of the best materials for the kitchen countertop. Thanks to its hardiness and stain-resistant qualities, the material is able to withstand wear and tear often subjected to the cooking zone. Couple this with the fact that the trend for the open kitchen is fast on the rise, the versatility of quartz in contributing to a flawless kitchen is second to none.

Homeowners looking for practical and stylish quartz surfaces for their kitchens should look no further than Caesarstone’s Metropolitan collection. Conceptualised to bank on the latest craze for industrial-themed interiors, the collection features rough textures and unpolished finishes that will fit nicely into design-forward homes.

Inspired by surfaces found in factories and New York-style lofts, the Metropolitan collection emulates the look and feel of oxidised steel, poured concrete and unfinished cement. Produced using cutting-edge technology, the surface collection manages to achieve a weathered appearance that looks and feels close to the real thing.

The quartz designs from this collection were created to reflect the organic nature of industrial surfaces – you will find elements like aged patina and irregular tones within the series – all of which are subtle nods to the rough and raw look of

4001 Fresh Concrete 
A fine white concrete combined with light grey features, 4011 Fresh Concrete gives off a minimal and elegant look to complement timeless spaces. industrial surfaces.


4011 Cloudburst Concrete
With its cloudy appearance and soft swells of white set against a light grey base, 4011 Cloudburst Concrete is a unique surface that boasts a barely-there reflective matte finish that will fit into a variety of interior concepts.


4033 Rugged Concrete
Perfect for the edgy industrial-style home, 4033 Rugged Concrete is a rough matte finished mid-tone grey base accented with textured variations of grey and white haze patina.


4601 Frozen Terra
A surface created for terrazzo lovers, 4601 Frozen Terra features intermittent specks of black basalt and irregularly shaped translucent grey quartz on a pristine white concrete slab.


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