Our All-Time Favourite Caesarstone Surfaces to Suit Every Kitchen Style

Complement your kitchen with the right surfaces that tick every box, from material quality to aesthetic appeal. The engineered quartz surfaces from Caesarstone should be at the top of your wishlist, sturdy, resistant to most types of damage and gorgeous to boot.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect surfaces to last you a lifetime and suit your kitchen style without fail, keep reading for our all-time favourite Caesarstone surfaces. No matter your kitchen style, these are sure to get you inspired and ready to renovate!

Rugged Concrete

squarerooms caesarstone rugged concrete

Composed of a dramatic concrete gradient flushed with white-haze patinas, Rugged Concrete is underscored by industrial-inspired imperfections that are accentuated by a deep, textured finish. It’s a surface that really speaks for itself, unmistakable with a uniquely industrial appeal.

Empira White

squarerooms caesarstone kitchen counter empire white quartz island

Inspired by the luxurious Calacatta marble, Empira White features a pure white base that serves as a backdrop to the almost black veins that traverse the surface, adding depth to the polished quartz surface with an organic interplay of light and dark.

This surface is sure to inject an air of pristine luxury and sophistication into your kitchen.

Vanilla Noir

squarerooms caesarstone vanilla noir

Meet the new love of your life, charismatic and luscious with its jet-black base and bold white texture. Deeply luxurious, Vanilla Noir makes a strong visual impact, taking your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary in an instant.

Perfect to take a pared-back space to another level or to complement an already opulent kitchen.

White Attica


Inspired by ancient natural marble, the understated White Attica is as classy as they come. Its blue-black veining ebbs and flows across a backdrop of pure white, making this surface unique in its mix of modern and classic design elements.

The result is a visually appealing and eye-catching statement piece perfect for any type of kitchen.

Palm Shade

squarerooms caesarstone outdoor engineered quartz surface countertop island outside palm shade white cream dinner family friends hands

Classic and laid-back, Palm Shade is the perfect surface for both indoor and outdoor kitchens, complementing any space with its natural texture and subtle warm veining. It’s the ideal pick for a cosy, airy kitchen aesthetic, transporting you straight to a chill evening at the beach.

Airy Concrete

squarerooms caesarstone airy concrete

Light and versatile, Airy Concrete boasts a dreamy texture enriched by dark grey and white specks, the rough concrete base providing a natural, authentic finish. It pairs well with timber, tiles and even slate, allowing for a kitchen in any kind of style.

To enhance its beauty to the max, finish off your countertop with gold or brass fittings.

Calacatta Nuvo

squarerooms caesarstone calacatta nuvo

Keep things simple in the kitchen with the understated elegance of Calacatta Nuvo. With its creamy white base and softly cascading grey streaks, it’s a great choice for a modern or Scandinavian kitchen.

Plus, its light and bright finish helps to visually expand its surroundings, making it a suitable surface for smaller kitchens too.

Bianco Drift

squarerooms caesarstone bianco drift

Love the look of natural granite but want the strength and low-maintenance properties of engineered quartz? Bianco Drift is a fantastic option, inspired by light granite, with delicate veining to enhance its texture and lend the surface a new level of intrigue.

This is a surface that goes well with almost any style, be it industrial or contemporary. You can even pair it with bold and colourful fittings to make those hues pop!

Wanna see these surfaces in their full glory? Drop by the Caesarstone showroom at Suntec!

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