Create a Super Low-Maintenance Home With These 5 Tips


Keeping your home clean, tidy and in working order can be a lot of work. If you’re tired of running after every cracked tile and speck of dust, it’s time to invest in a low-maintenance home. Our simple tips and tricks will help you do just that, resulting in a fuss-free space that keeps itself in great shape.

  1. Keep it seamless
    Our number one tip is to avoid grout at all costs. Tiles are notoriously bothersome to clean due to the spacing between them (also known as grout), which traps dirt and water. Instead of tiling your floors and walls, opt for seamless surfaces, such as vinyl flooring and stainless steel backsplash features. An integrated sink which blends into your countertop can take this seamlessness up a notch, making it possible to clean all of your kitchen surfaces in one big sweep. Extra tip: install recessed lights instead of standard lamps to make dusting easier than ever before.
  2. Get the right surfaces
    While seamlessness is important, it’s not the only thing to look for in your surfaces. To make your life easier and keep maintenance as quick as possible, get hold of engineered quartz from brands like Silestone for your kitchen island and countertops. As opposed to natural stone and wood, engineered quartz doesn’t need to be resealed, oiled or otherwise heavily maintained. For your kitchen cabinets, a semi-glossy finish is easy to clean yet doesn’t show dirt as quickly as full-on gloss.


    Image courtesy of Silestone

  3. Make space for ventilation
    One thing to prioritise around the entire home? Ventilation. Make sure to fit out stuffy places such as shoe cabinets and store rooms with ventilation holes to avoid trapping bad smells inside. As the kitchen and bathroom are particularly susceptible to humidity, install an exhaust fan in the bathroom and always ensure good ventilation in the kitchen using your suction hood and open windows.
  4. Invest in smart appliances
    While smart home appliances can be pricey, they significantly speed up cleaning and maintenance. One smart appliance that we recommend getting hold of is a self-cleaning toilet from KOHLER‘s intelligent toilet series. Some kitchen appliances, such as the built-in ovens from Bosch, also come with handy self-cleaning functions.


    Image courtesy of KOHLER

  5. Be clever about your furnishings
    One way to effortlessly reduce your cleaning around the house is to invest in furnishings that hide dirt and defects. A white fabric couch will visibly absorb stains, for instance, while a darker leather couch is likely water-repellant and just needs the occasional wipe-down. Similarly, we recommend hanging a washable shower curtain in your bathroom as opposed to installing clear shower partitions, as a curtain can be quickly thrown into the washing machine while clear doors require regular upkeep.Featured image courtesy of Silestone.