4 Ventilation Ideas To Go Air-Con Free

Bad smells, mould and mildew are often caused by poor ventilation, and can lead to unsightly colouration on walls and floors. Lack of fresh air and accumulation of humidity in the home can also have long-lasting effects on your health, especially the lungs. And of course, ventilation helps keep the home cool, which is especially important in our hot climate. A ventilated home is a good home – and here’s how you can achieve it.

  1. Cross-ventilation
    The point of ventilation is that it circulates air around your home. A sole open window won’t move enough air to ventilate properly. Ideally, open all windows once a day to let the air move freely and reach all nooks and crannies. Windows on opposite sides of the room create an especially effective air current. Make sure to secure your doors, as the wind can slam them shut and damage them.


  2. Bathroom airing
    The reason that your bathroom is the first place to get mouldy is that it accumulates more humidity than other rooms. As such, it’s important to always open a window while or after you shower. This will avoid trapping the humidity. If your bathroom doesn’t have windows, as is common in HDB flats, allow for air to circulate from other rooms, and consider installing a vent in the bathroom.


    Image courtesy of Distinct Identity

  3. Purifying with plants
    Plants are a great way to naturally purify your surroundings. While they don’t circulate air, they significantly improve its quality. Plants absorb bad smells, humidity and chemicals from things like detergents. Keep them in a well-lit space but out of direct sunlight for best results.


    Image courtesy of DW Interior

  4. Reversing the fan
    If you have a fan, you might wonder why it doesn’t do much to cool down the room. The problem might be with the direction it’s spinning. Hot air is known to rise while cool air sinks to the ground. A fan that spins clockwise picks up the hot air and pushes it down from the ceiling, making the room feel hotter. This method is used in colder countries, but it’s not a good idea in Singapore. Instead, put your fan in reverse. The counter-clockwise spinning will raise the cool air, making for a nice breeze.