How to Use Liquid Sugar Soap to Clean Your Kitchen and Bathroom and Prep Your Walls

Imagine if there was a product that could do it all—cutting through grease and grime on your stove, cleaning the toilet, scrubbing tiles and even prepping the walls for your next paint job.

Well, we recently came across Selleys Liquid Sugar Soap, which can do all of that and more, with countless applications around the house.

how to use selleys liquid sugar soap

This professional-strength, high-performance cleanser not only powers through all kinds of dirt but also doubles up as an excellent wall cleaner to prep surfaces before painting and wallpapering (but don’t forget to apply a layer of primer before painting!).

Liquid Sugar Soap comes in a concentrated formula that makes up to 30 litres of cleaning solution when diluted (60 bottles of 500ml). It can also be used neat or concentrated for stubborn stains in the kitchen and bathroom, of course with a safe scouring cloth.

how to use selleys liquid sugar soap

Be it ceramic or porcelain tiles, laminates, stainless steel, painted walls, enamel surfaces, windows or bathroom mirrors—almost any surface in your house will look as good as new after you’ve cleaned it with Selleys Liquid Sugar Soap.

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how to use selleys liquid sugar soap

The only surfaces you’ll want to avoid are brass and aluminium, which should be cleaned immediately if they come in contact with Liquid Sugar Soap! Make sure to also rinse glass surfaces thoroughly before the product dries, as any residual product can damage the surface.

how to use selleys liquid sugar soap limitations

Another bonus tip: To protect sensitive skin and avoid rough hands after cleaning, wear rubber gloves while you clean the house!

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How many surfaces can you clean with a single product?

selleys liquid sugar soap bathroom kitchen multi surface cleaner

Can you really clean the kitchen, bathroom and even your walls with the same cleaning product?

We tried to clean multiple surfaces around the whole house with Selleys Liquid Sugar Soap—here’s how it went.

Keep your kitchen and bathroom sparkling clean and prep your walls for a fresh coat of paint with Selleys Liquid Sugar Soap. Get your own at!

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