Laminates 101: Everything You Need to Know For Your Renovation


Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about laminates, including how to choose the right ones for your lifestyle.

Laminates are everywhere in modern homes—from cabinet fronts to feature walls and even countertops, they are the most popular surfaces across HDB flats, condo units and even landed properties. But how much do you really know about laminates and the different ways you can apply them in your home? We caught up with the experts at Formica Singapore to find out more about these groundbreaking surfaces.

How can homeowners choose between the wide range of laminates on the market?

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Consider functionality and performance. For kitchen sets or built-in furniture, consider surfacing materials or laminates that are anti-fingerprint, antimicrobial and scratch-resistant. Consider size as well, as not every surface will work for something large-scale like a full-height wardrobe.

When it comes to design, start by narrowing down whether you want a solid colour, a natural pattern such as wood or stone or something with a metallic effect. Then, choose your finish—matt, glossy or even a special texture to further enhance your space.

What are some priorities homeowners should have when choosing laminates?

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Consider surfaces that match your lifestyle and needs. For homeowners who are very busy, such as working couples, smooth, low-maintenance surfaces with antimicrobial properties would be a good choice. Go for high-wear, scratch-resistant laminates if you have active pets at home. If you have a playroom or home office, consider writable, blackboard-style magnetic laminates!

How can homeowners choose whether to prioritise hygiene, easy maintenance or aesthetics?

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Chores are something we can’t skip, so I’d prioritise a practical, low-maintenance kitchen. This means incorporating non-porous countertops, which stop undesirable substances from penetrating the surface in order to avoid stains, as well as cabinets with no fingerprints. However, you don’t have to forgo hygiene or aesthetics with Formica’s next-generation surfacing material.

Please tell us more about this next-generation surfacing material. How does it also cover hygiene and aesthetics?

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The collection of Formica laminates with PROTEC+ technology offers high performance and a wide range of designs and colours with antimicrobial properties. These laminates prevent cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria, mould and mildew, which also keeps stains and unpleasant odours at bay. As long as the laminates are properly maintained, they provide lifelong protection, making them especially suitable for families with young kids and elders.

Additionally, the Formica ColorCore range gives you limitless options when it comes to creating beautiful surface and edge treatments by eliminating the disruptive brown edge found on most laminates. It’s ideal for applications such as countertops, cabinets, doors and other areas where you don’t want to see the seam lines associated with traditional laminate edges. It’s also antimicrobial.

Laminates can be used for much more than just cabinets. What are some other applications homeowners may not know about?

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Some exciting applications include feature walls, decorative panels for the ceiling, interior door panels, tabletops and even furniture. Laminates with a thickness greater than 2mm, also known as compact laminates, can be used for the kitchen backsplash and even as countertops.

What gives your laminates such a realistic, natural look?

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The printing quality and finishing of the laminates determine the final look and feel. Many laminates fail to deliver a realistic look because the designs repeat the same pattern multiple times across a short length, making for an artificial look. Especially when it comes to large-scale applications, this printing technique is very noticeable.

At Formica, we require high-quality and high-resolution printing to produce our woodgrains, patterns and 180fx designs. Especially for Formica 180fx, we replicate the look at the 1:1 true scale of natural stone slabs. You will not see the same design repeated within five feet.

We also have designs that aren’t printed but made from reclaimed materials. No two sheets of laminates in reclaimed designs are exactly alike.

Last but not least, what’s your top tip for homeowners choosing laminates for the first time?

Many homeowners are not aware that there are lesser-known types of laminates, such as metallics, antimicrobial surfaces, compact-grade laminates and innovative materials with anti-fingerprint properties. If you’re a first-time homeowner, drop by the Formica Singapore showroom and learn more about laminates and other surfaces so you can make an informed decision when you renovate!

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