You’re Not Making The Most of Your Bay Window — Here Are 7 Ideas To Change That

We love a good bay window. But what we love even more is a bay window that is cleverly transformed to become much more than just a window. Be it a desk, a day bed or a hidden storage unit, here are seven ideas to make the most of your under-utilised bay windows, turning them into beautiful and functional spaces.

Hidden storage
This condominium’s bay window does not just boast plenty of rustic charm, it also offers secret storage compartments! The small mirrors at the bottom of the window help to brighten and visually magnify the room while simultaneously hiding away the storage drawers.


Image courtesy of Richfield Integrated

Reading nook
Turning bay windows into reading nooks is particularly popular, and for good reason. Plenty of natural light, a cosy atmosphere and extended leg space. All you need is to cushion your window with pillows, blankets and any other soft furnishings of your choice.


Image courtesy of Joey Khu

Work desk
Nothing makes for a more pleasant and productive work atmosphere than lots of natural light. That’s what makes a bay window a nifty spot to set up your home office. If you need lots of equipment you might find the space a bit tight, but if all you need is a laptop you’re good to go!


Image courtesy of Proj. B Studio

Indoor garden
The best place to grow your indoor garden is the balcony, but a bay window is a close second thanks to the amount of light coming in. A few plants will make for a stunning display on the bay window, giving the overall space a light boho touch and organic vibe. Plus, they produce lots of oxygen, cleaning up the air for a healthier environment.


Image courtesy of Reddit

Day bed
A day bed is the perfect place to wind down and relax on a lazy weekend, keeping the actual bedding nice and tidy without compromising on your lounging comfort. Make sure to soften the bay window with plenty of cushions to make it as cosy as possible.


Image courtesy of SuiteWorks

Dining bench
You might not need to use your bay window as a dining bench on a daily basis, but as soon as guests come over you’ll be grateful for the extra space! On days when you don’t need it for dining, use your bay window as a display shelf for family photos or even trophies and awards.


Image courtesy of Cozyspace Interior

TV console
A bay window at the right height can be the perfect place for your TV. After all, it will save you the hassle of getting a separate TV console and make space in the living room for a less cluttered look. Just make sure that you protect the back of your TV against prolonged light and heat from the window so as to avoid damaging the appliance.


Image courtesy of Versaform