The Best Bedding For Deeper, Better Sleep: Winners of the Comfort Awards 2020

The right kind of bedding can make a significant difference in how we sleep. At the end of a long day, our bodies deserve to rest without waking up to back pain and irritated skin. No matter your sleeping needs, we have compiled the best mattresses, linens and pillows in this third edition of SquareRooms’ Comfort Awards. From allergen-free bedding to hybrid mattresses, there is something for every sleeper.

Best allergen-free bedding (Editor’s pick): dormiente Natural Breeze Duvet
Made entirely of natural plant fibres, the Natural Breeze Duvet by dormiente is ideal for those suffering from allergies. The kapok tree fibres are naturally dust-mite repellent, insulating and lightweight, keeping your body cool and dry in Singapore’s hot and humid weather.


POA, available at

Best allergen-free bedding (Team’s pick): Annette French Linen Bundle
Not only is linen naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, it is also stronger and more sustainable than cotton. Annette’s linen bedding is made of 100% natural flax and has high moisture absorbency and breathability due to its porous nature. The best part about linen is that it gets better with use, slowly adapting to your body, softening and moulding to your needs over the years.

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Best organic bedding: SOJAO Classic Bundle Set
Lightweight and buttery smooth, SOJAO’s Classic series is made with GOTS- certified 100% organic cotton. Their bedding is ethically made in India, where farmers and workers alike are paid fair wages “so that they and their families are able to get a good night’s rest too”. For a more sustainable production, their cotton is grown using as little water as possible. The result is durable, silky-soft sheets that last a lifetime.


From $198, available at

Best cosy bedding: Palais Suite TENCEL Quilt Cover
Known as one of the most sustainable bedding materials, TENCEL is made of regenerated wood cellulose. The resulting fibres are naturally soft and gentle on the skin, with an inherent sheen and smooth feel. The Palais Suite TENCEL Quilt Cover is kind to sensitive skin and luxurious to the touch, turning your bedroom into a true “palais suite.”


From $139, available at

Best luxury bedding: Eurotex Hotel Luxury Bedding
This bedding is crafted with 100% Egyptian cotton, which is widely held as the gold standard for silky, soft and long-lasting sheets. With a 1,200-thread count, nothing else quite comes close to delivering the same luxurious feel. This explains why Eurotex Hotel Luxury Bedding is winning this category for the third year in a row!


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Best memory foam pillow: Superior Plush Memory Foam Pillow
Combining softness and support, the Superior Plush Memory Foam Pillow is hypoallergenic and breathable thanks to its lightweight design. Aside from its adaptable memory foam filling that ensures personalised comfort, it comes with a washable knit bamboo cover that can be easily removed for more hygienic sleep. Moreover, its high absorbency makes it ideal for Singapore’s humidity, keeping your head dry and your pillow free of mould and mildew.


$139, available at

Best latex pillow: Heveya Organic Latex Pillow
Made of 100% organic latex with a natural bamboo cover, the Heveya Organic Latex Pillow is crafted with an open-cell structure and ventilation holes. It offers optimal moisture regulation and additional dust-mite resistance. Available in soft and medium firmness, as well as super plush and contour variants, it is designed to suit your personal sleeping needs no matter what. Not only does the latex material adapt to your body and sleeping position, but it remains in great condition over many years thanks to its natural elasticity.

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Best child-friendly bedding: Hooga TENCEL Modal Bed Linens
To keep your young ones safe and comfortable at night, Hooga’s TENCEL Modal Bed Linens make for the perfect bedding set with soft fibres that make the linens smooth to the touch. The natural breathability and absorbency of the material makes it perfect for kids both young and old. Plus, TENCEL fibres inherently reduce bacteria growth, giving you peace of mind when you put your children to sleep.


From $69, available at Hooga stores

Best value mattress (Editor’s pick): Castlery Will Mattress
Fitted out with everything you need while remaining affordable, the Will Mattress comes with high-density pocket springs to gently support every part of your body while you sleep. Its focus is on sensitive motion separation, ensuring that any movement from other parts of the bed don’t affect your own sleep. High-grade foam cradles the pocket springs above and below, making for a soft mattress that retains its strength and support.


From $699, available at

Best value mattress (Team’s pick): MattX Latex Memory Foam Mattress
By combining natural latex and memory foam, the MattX brings you the ideal balance of comfort and support with just the right amount of firmness. At an incredible price, it’s equipped with Cool Gel Memory Foam, ideal in our hot climate. The mattress cover, made of knitted TENCEL fibres, helps to absorb additional moisture and keep you cool at night.


From $499, available at

Best mattress for back pain (Editor’s pick): dormiente Natural Deluxe Regulus Mattress
This mattress comes with a natural latex core and prides itself on finely tuned body adaptation. In fact, it comes in two different models, each one optimised for a different physique. While both models are designed with orthopaedic incisions to support painful shoulders, the “female” mattress has extra incisions around the hip area. The pressure points in this mattress are distributed evenly for effective body support without compromising on a cosy sleeping sensation.


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Best mattress for back pain (Team’s pick): Born In Colour Sofzsleep Chiro
This extra-firm mattress is made in Belgium with all-natural and toxin-free latex for your ultimate comfort. Equipped with a plush microperforated topper for increased breathability, the firmness of the Sofzsleep Chiro ensures a natural spinal alignment and long-lasting support for your back. Its washable cover keeps the mattress clean and as good as new for years down the line. To allow for deep and uninterrupted sleep, this Born In Colour mattress is also kitted out with Coolmax technology to keep you cool and dry in Singapore’s weather.

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Best customisable mattress: King Living Sleep+ 9008
Bringing you the best in support and adaptability, King Living makes it their mission to give you complete control over your comfort. The Sleep+ mattress series is entirely customisable, from interchangeable mattress cores to comfort layers made of latex, memory foam and hybrid materials. This set-up promotes a healthy air flow, allowing for better breathability throughout the entire mattress. A customisable cover in CoolFit, WarmFit and AirFit gives this mattress a final touch of personalisation.


POA, available at

Best hybrid mattress: Haylee Mattress
Developed after testing over 100 combinations of materials, the Haylee mattress combines the brand’s proprietary Aeroflo Foam and Cool Gel Memory Foam layers for optimum ergonomic support, motion isolation, airflow and temperature regulation. Made with sustainable bamboo fibres, the knitted covers for the foam layers can be easily removed for washing and have also been treated to be anti-fungal and anti- microbial to prevent allergies. Each mattress comes with free delivery and a lengthy 10- year warranty. The beds also come with a 100-day free trial so you can test them out at home.


From $499, available at

This post was adapted from an article originally published in the SquareRooms Mid-Year Special.