Discover these New Nature-Inspired Laminates for Your Home

If you’re in the process of renovating your home, you’re likely shortlisting the perfect laminates for every room, considering the perfect fit for kitchen cabinets, bedside tables and feature walls.

No matter what you’ve shortlisted so far, Lamitak’s newest range of high-pressure laminates may just turn your head. Titled Intervention, it comes in strong with natural stone designs, realistic wood grains, gorgeous solid colours, brand-new edging and an eco-friendly approach. These families make up over 55 new designs—and a whopping total of 423 laminates.

What makes this series extra special is the brand’s new eco-friendly approach to all of its designs, made partly using recycled materials. Certified with the Singapore Green Label, the laminates meet the certification’s stringent standards, qualifying them for the Singapore Building Construction Authority’s Green Mark programme.

The laminates are additionally awarded the internationally recognised GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold certifications for their low toxic emissions, minimising pollution at home.

On top of that, Lamitak recently embarked on a new journey to further reduce its carbon footprint. The brand is minimising waste by limiting the number of laminate samples provided and rethinking the presentation of surfaces across recyclable catalogues made with FSC-certified paper. From start to finish, these laminates take sustainability to heart.

Natural laminates inspired by stucco and stone

squarerooms lamitak laminates intervention collection staircase desert colours cream white


Taking centre stage in the new collection is above all Microcement, a textured laminate that resembles a beautiful mix of stucco, lime wash and chalk paint, giving your home a unique rustic touch. Cloudy Cement will steal your heart as well with its brushstroke-inspired finish, giving any surface the appearance of textured paint.

If you’re looking for similar textures to limestone, microcement and concrete, check out Escher, a new laminate design inspired by this timeless material. Gentle Alternatives, on the other hand, takes inspiration from stone, granite, marble, steel, metallics and even textiles, resulting in a range of rich textures.

Smoother but still very much resembling natural stone are Pompeo, Genesis and Travertine, all three ethereal and exuding a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Realistic wood-look laminates for a natural look

squarerooms lamitak laminates intervention collection woods natural pattern eames teak living room spacious japandi japanese aesthetic interior style

Eames Teak

The new Lamitak Intervention range introduces not one but two families of wood-look laminates, consolidating popular designs like Savannah Wood and Barn Wood, as well as introducing the all-new Yugen Oak and Malibu Oak.

Savannah Wood is inspired by the expressive wood grain of acacia trees, while Barn Wood brings a contemporary rusticity with lots of detail. The new Yugen Oak melds into soothing spaces with a subtle oak texture and—last but certainly not least—Malibu Oak is reminiscent of washed-up coastal wood, interwoven with unique metallic accents.

New solid colours for a soothing home

squarerooms lamitak laminates intervention collection black beige linen shade neutral solid colour

Beige Linen

Beyond the new stone and wood designs, Lamitak’s Intervention range also introduces three new solid colours: Beige Linen, Sand Grey and Haze.

No matter your choice, these shades are soothing through and through; incorporate them into any space to enhance a neutral palette or to tone down a bright and textured design with soft and understated elegance.

Laminate edging for a seamless home

squarerooms Lamitak Newedge laminate edging band seamless sides colours

Not only does the Intervention collection launch the gorgeous new laminate designs mentioned above, but it also brings you a new range of laminate edging for a more seamless finish.

NEWEDGE completes the edges around your cabinets, feature walls and furniture pieces with matching colours, woodgrain and patterns, so you don’t have to resort to substitute brands with a less-than-ideal colour match. The result is a perfectly seamless look—or, if you’re looking for something a little different, a striking contrast with a unique interplay of colours and textures.

It’s not just an aesthetic upgrade, however; this edging also seals and protects your surfaces with built-in antibacterial properties. Plus, just like the new laminates, this ABS edging is eco-friendly too!

Lamitak’s Intervention collection is available in Singapore now, while regional distribution across Asia will commence in the first quarter of 2023.


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