SquareRooms x Gain City Big Reno Project Marine Drive Resale Flat Progress Report Part 2


At the beginning of February, we shared with you the first progress report on the renovation of the 3-room resale flat located in Marine Drive. Picking up from there, the second part of the renovation saw the introduction of new surface materials as well as the installation of new built-in fixtures. Let’s take a look at the second progress report of this home’s renovation thus far.

  1. Communal areas
    After hacking away the pre-existing partition wall, the expanded communal zone now serves both the living and dining areas. However, as the master bedroom is situated right next to the living room, privacy was a concern for the homeowners. But instead of erecting a plain wall, a full-height wardrobe unit now separates the two areas, with the back of the wardrobe featuring a chevron pattern to add some visual interest into the shared living space.
  2. Kitchen
    Striking navy blue cabinetry adorns the cooking zone, while rounded brass knobs and patterned backsplash tiles that add a punch of character into the utilitarian zone. Meanwhile, a quartz-topped island unit offers the owners a variety of functions, from a casual dining spot to a cosy hangout area for entertaining friends and family.
  3. Master bedroom
    To create a larger en suite for the owners, the perimeter walls of the bathroom was extended out into the sleeping zone. By doing so, an alcove was carved out next to the bathroom entrance. To fully maximise this nook, a cushion-topped settee was installed. Backed by a backlit mirrored cabinet, this space will serve as a dedicated area where the female owner can do her makeup.
  4. Master bathroom
    Upon sealing up part of the entrance, the bathroom’s walls were overlaid in a combination of grey fabric-effect and tricoloured tiles, with the former imbuing the shower zone with a simple yet elegant vibe, and the latter introducing some tactile interest into the space. Additionally, a pair of full-height water pipes were concealed within a box-up, while an exposed section was painted blue to make the boxy fixture more aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Music room
    Besides being lined with acoustic panels that offer the female homeowner a conducive area to play her musical instruments, the music room was also kitted out with a L-shaped desk for added functionality. This is then further complemented by pull-out drawers, cubbyholes and closed cabinets that offer the owners plenty of storage solutions.
  6. Air-conditioner installation
    A big part of creating a comfortable living space for the owners is temperature control, which was achieved by installing air-conditioners throughout the home. Found in the living room, master bedroom and music room, the air-con units were strategically positioned in the middle of these walls to offer better airflow circulation. Then, plasterboards were installed over these fittings to cover up the piping and trunking, effectively creating a tidy aesthetic in the home.

We will be revealing the completed renovation soon, so keep a lookout for the big reveal to be published in the print and digital editions of SquareRooms.

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