Top Reasons Why The Dulux Colour Play Tester Is A Great Tool For A Quick Home Makeover

AkzoNobel has yet again produced a couple of innovative technologies – the Dulux Visualizer App and the new Dulux Colour PlayTM Tester. Now you can get paint in a form of a palm-sized mini roller to test out colours on your wall before painting the desired colour.

Discover your dream wall colour

Dulux hexagonal feature wall

Image credit: Dulux

With so many shades available, we can understand that it can be quite difficult to choose the best colour for your walls. That’s why the Dulux Visualizer App is a wonderful tool to help you visualise your favourite shade in your living space. Simply download the app and use it to pick out your favourite colour from anywhere around you and, with augmented reality, see how the colour will look in your living space.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, try on the Dulux Colour PlayTM Tester. It is a useful tool for you if you are still unsure of the shade to go for as it is a relatively convenient way for you to test and compare different shades on your wall.

You can finally try out that bold shade without taking a huge risk

Image credit: Dulux

Image credit: Dulux

Have you ever had the urge to cover your walls in a bold hue? We all know that a statement colour can dramatically add character to a space but using the wrong shade can ruin the whole look. With the Dulux Colour PlayTM Tester, you can test out a small section of your wall to see if your chosen statement colour complements the rest of your home.

About the Dulux Colour PlayTM Tester:

Image credit: Dulux

Image credit: Dulux

Packaged in handy 30ml bottles integrated with an easy-to-use mini roller, Dulux Colour PlayTM Testers are handy tools to make paint colour selection fun and easy. The mini roller applicator allows paint to be applied on surfaces quickly and evenly, as compared to traditional brush applicators.

If you are thinking of going the DIY route to paint your walls, the Dulux Colour PlayTM Tester is a great way to discover your ideal colour scheme. You can choose to customise your own tester packs from over 2,000 colours, or opt for the Dulux Colour of the Year 2017 collection comprising of Denim Drift and 5 complementary shades. The Dulux Colour PlayTM Tester is exclusively available at Lazada for $7.90 each, or order 3 Testers at a special price of $9.90 by entering promo code COLOURPLAY3 at check out or 6 Testers at a special price at $15.90 by entering promo code COLOURPLAY6 at check out, all inclusive of delivery.

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