5 Reasons Why You Need To Get Your Hands On IKEA’s New Collection

If you think IKEA is all about clean silhouettes and safe colour palettes, think again.

The home furnishings giant has outdone themselves this time. IKEA has recently launched a new collection in collaboration with menswear designer Katie Eary, and wow is all we can say! The GILTIG collection is everything your inner wild child wants: over-the-top prints and patterns, flashy colours and gruesome, quirky images.

If that hasn’t persuaded you to drop everything and shop at IKEA now, here are five more reasons why this collection deserves your attention:

  1. You get to feel like you live under the sea. IKEA-GILTIG-Collection-quilt-cover-and-two-pillowcase-set-Body-ImageNot everyone can afford to have a home with a sea view, so the next best option? Convert your bedroom into the sea-scape by covering your bed with a giant turquoise fighting fish – complete with detailed fish scales. GILTIG quilt cover and two pillowcase set, $69 for single size.
  2. You get to celebrate Halloween every time you are whipping something up in the kitchen. IKEA-GILTIG-Collection-apron-Body-ImageWith these gruesome-looking aprons, no one will dare complain about your cooking. You won’t even need to find a costume when the horror festival rolls around in October. GILTIG apron, $59.90 each.
  3. You get to express your love for cats without fear of outside judgement.


    For the crazy cat people out there, rather than use a cat as a fashion accessory, why not have them on your serve wares and the walls of your home?  At least you get to keep your obsession within the confines of your home. GILTIG wall decoration, $12.90 each, GILTIG teacup with saucer, $16.90 each.

  4. You get to feel like someone’s watching you while you sleep. IKEA-GILTIG-Collection-cushion-cover-Body-Image

    OK, this might not be for everybody. But if you have fears of sleeping alone, these eyeballs should keep you company. GILTIG cushion cover, $14.90 each.

  5. You get to impress your guests without having to go the extra mile. IKEA GILTIG Collection serving plateThese snazzy and stylish plates will keep your guests busy ooh-ing and ahh-ing over your dish ware, so you don’t even need to worry even if you aren’t a very good cook or are terrible at plating. GILTIG serving plate, $34.90 each.