These Award-Winning Ovens and Steam Cookers Will Revolutionise Your Kitchen


Offering timeless design, intuitive usability and full modularity, the award-winning Excellence Line from V-ZUG sets a revolutionary standard for ovens and steam cookers all over the world.

With the new Excellence Line, V-ZUG redefines both sophistication and simplicity. The brand presents the perfect union of iconic design and technology: simplified use and seamless modularity for every kitchen.

Timeless design to suit every kitchen

squarerooms vzug v-zug kitchen appliances steam cooker oven excellence line new kitchen grey modern minimalist

Platinum Mirror Glass

These new V-ZUG appliances don’t just come in the brand’s classic black mirror glass finish, but also Platinum and Pearl, maintaining the lush mirror finish that makes them so iconic.

The mirrored surface not only looks naturally luxurious but also makes for an instant fit no matter your kitchen aesthetic, as the surface reflects the colours, textures and lighting conditions all around the room.

squarerooms vzug v-zug kitchen appliances steam cooker oven excellence line new modern kitchen minimalist wood design

Black Mirror Glass

The collection’s range of minimalist hues offers even more design freedom, particularly when paired with the appliances’ modularity, opening up countless possibilities for innovative layouts and combinations to fit your needs and preferences to a T.

Another key component of the Excellence Line is the slender handle on the ovens and steam cookers, crafted from a single piece of anodised aluminium. Not only is it ergonomic and pleasant to the touch, but also carefully coordinated with each appliance’s finish for a seamless, matching look that exudes a soft and sophisticated appeal.

Cutting-edge simplicity

squarerooms vzug v-zug kitchen appliances steam cooker oven excellence line new black glass mirror display

At the heart of the Excellence Line is a redesigned digital dial, evolved from the previous dial knob and now discreetly carved into the centre of the TouchDisplay. This new dial offers more precision than ever before with extra intuitive navigation.

The high-resolution colour display additionally provides an overview of the active settings and functions, as well as regular cooking updates that are easy to understand at a glance. Saving your top settings as favourites is quick and easy too. As User Experience Designer Kevin Perlinger put it: “A good product is self-explanatory… and doesn’t require an instruction manual.”

Smart cooking on a new level

squarerooms vzug v-zug kitchen appliances steam cooker oven excellence line new black glass mirror handle open door

If you ever find yourself trying to open the oven while your hands are full, V-ZUG’s Excellence Line will be at the top of your kitchen wishlist. In fact, the new ovens in this collection come with AutoDoor, a one-of-a-kind smart feature.

The new range comes with handle-free options for a sleek appearance, and opening and closing of the ovens are done by tapping a button on the TouchDisplay. You can also set the door to open and close automatically at the end of the cooking process to better regulate the heat and humidity inside the oven.

Unsurprisingly, the understated design and intuitive operation of the Excellence Line were recognised by the Red Dot Awards this year, garnering the prestigious “Best of the Best” Award for Product Design. Considering the Awards’ stringent evaluation criteria, this accolade is truly a testament to V-ZUG’s careful attention to detail and commitment to innovative design.

Head over here to find out more about the Excellence Line. To see the new appliances up-close, visit V-ZUG’s flagship boutique at Zugorama in Scotts Square.

6 Scotts Road
Scotts Square #03-11/12/13
Singapore 228209
tel: 6926 0878

This post was adapted from an article originally published in the October 2021 issue of SquareRooms.