Get these Chef-Approved, Eco-Friendly Cooking Appliances for a Greener Kitchen

V-ZUG is about more than luxurious appliances—the brand is also committed to creating a sustainable, future-fit society and bringing timeless, durable and eco-friendly appliances to everyday lives.

With over 100 years of history crafting Swiss kitchen appliances, V-ZUG knows what it means to stand for quality. The brand’s appliances are made with longevity in mind, combining durability, high-end functionality for professional-level cooking, energy efficiency across the board and modern finishes for a sleek and luxurious kitchen.

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This isn’t a new development either. V-ZUG’s appliances have been leading the way in terms of quality and sustainability for many years. Their production facilities have been carbon neutral since 2020, implementing renewable energy, effective waste management, environmentally friendly procurement and participation in carbon offsetting programmes.

Other eco-friendly initiatives by the brand include an internal CO2 levy, a reforestation programme and active investment in the entire product life cycle. As for V-ZUG’s kitchen appliances, you can count on their durability, cutting-edge features, energy-saving functions and timeless design, ensuring a chef-worthy and sustainable kitchen years down the road.

A leading multi-functional, energy-saving oven

vzug v-zug combisteam v6000 powersteam oven

Fast, energy-efficient and gentle on food—what more could you want in an oven? The CombiSteamer V6000 45M PowerSteam by V-ZUG is a superior steamer, a hot-air conventional oven and a high-end microwave all rolled into one, bringing 23 cooking functions in one single appliance.

These functions allow you to whip up a sumptuous, delicious meal in record time while retaining the nutrients, colour, texture, and flavour of your food. The oven also requires 40% less time to regenerate food, saving energy and offering precise, even warming.

With the advantage of steam technology, this preserves vitamins and avoids local overheating, keeping food fresher for longer to reduce food wastage in the long run.

Flexible induction cooking with a built-in extractor

vzug v-zug combi cooktop v4000 hob

Not only does the CombiCooktop V4000 offer powerful induction cooking, but it also comes with an integrated downdraft extractor. This means all of the cooking fumes get instantly drawn down into the extractor where they are generated, leaving the kitchen clean and odour-free.

A stainless-steel grease filter cassette inside the extractor can be easily removed by hand and popped into the dishwasher for fuss-free cleaning. A long-lasting, regeneratable charcoal filter tops this up with extra air purification.

The built-in extractor saves you space in the kitchen by eliminating the need for a separate cooker hood, plus it doesn’t take up much space below the countertop either, so you can still make use of your drawers.

As for the cooktop itself, it’s equipped with two flexible cooking zones, and the zone flex technology automatically recognises the size and position of your cookware to form a bridge, allowing you to save time and energy by prepping large quantities at once.

The sturdy Optiglass finish additionally ensures that the surface is durable and easy to clean. All in all, it’s no wonder the CombiCooktop V4000 won the prestigious IF Design 2022 and Red Dot 2022 awards.

The space-saving wine cooler you’ve been looking for

vzug v-zug wine cooler v4000 chiller

Not everyone has the space for a huge wine cooler. If you’re looking for something that will keep all of your prized wine in tip-top shape and beautifully displayed without taking up too much room, let us present to you the V-ZUG WineCooler V4000, measuring a perfect 90cm.

It comes with a spacious cavity and room for 38 bottles, as well as energy-efficient features like advanced cooling and specially designed compressors for consistent temperatures and controlled humidity.

The wine cooler’s two separate climate zones can be set to different temperatures, so you can keep some of your wines professionally cooled and prepare others for serving, all in a single appliance.

Sleek and minimalist, the wine cooler has dark interiors with flexible racks made of sustainable Swiss wood, complemented by luxurious finishes all along the exterior. A triple-glazed, handle-free door is the cherry on top, with the wine cooler being available in either black or platinum mirror glass.

Beyond the eco-friendly and energy-saving functions, V-ZUG also offers a 10-year warranty on all of their kitchen appliances, a testament to their durability and the brand’s sustainable production. Plus, you’ll even get two years of complimentary cooking classes as a special treat!

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