Escape The Daily Grind At This Nostalgic Travel-Inspired Cocktail Bar


For many, the time of exotic air travel has long since passed – jetting across the ocean for work or play is the norm. It is, however, in the nature of people to reminisce such a period.

Thus, in a bid to return to that era, Idlewild was born. Named so after the original moniker of John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, the bar is meant to take you places as you sip on cocktails from all over the world while revelling in its dreamy decor.

Step into the bar through its salon-styled entrance that conceals its interior from the InterContinental Hotel lobby – it does wonders in keeping its guests away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Just so, as it is located within the busy Bugis district.


Fitting for a bar, what you see first is an array of over 50 spirits and a variety of alcohol-related paraphernalia from all over the world. Aptly coined as a Cabinet of Curiosities, examining it reveals the different parts of the world that you could be travelling to – and would be, through the help of some drinks.

Venturing further in, you will find two distinctly separated areas, the Parlour and the Main Room. The red-hued chairs and the warm light gives the bar an old-school American club vibe, which hearkens back to the days where travellers truly went out of their way to explore new lands.


Have your choice of seating in tables-for-two, armchairs or higher stools with plush cushions at the bar counter – diners looking for a more private setting can head to the large bay window booths.

And of course, we can’t go without mentioning the drinks. Once you’ve settled down, take your pick of 20 handcrafted beverages that will bring you to their various origins – they were each created with small distilleries from those locations as well as various rare vintages.


Sugarloaf cocktail

Favourites include the Shaftesbury Theatre ($25) a concoction of London Dry Gin, dry vermouth, Chartreuse Genepi, black lemon bitters, which takes its name from one of London’s most well-known musical, as well as The Big Apple ($26) made with apple brandy, small batch American bourbon, Bianco Vermouth.


The French Cook cocktail

Accompanying tapas-style bar snacks from each location can also be ordered to pair with the drinks. Think classic fish and chips ($18) and Waldorf salad ($15) that are made to pair well with the drinks from the same cities (but spicing up the matches wouldn’t hurt too).

A night at Idlewild is not over until guests have left a note or coaster at the bar’s Ribbon Wall, a take on the message board of yesteryears, for friends to discover in future visits. Forget your passport – Idlewild will take you places without the need to leave Singapore borders.

80 Middle Road
Lobby level, InterContinental Singapore
tel: 6825 1045