This Rainshower Comes With Self-Cleaning Nozzles and Easy Push-Stop Controls

Meet the new PushStop Rainshower from Rubine—a modern, minimalist shower column complete with an overhead rainshower, a hand shower with three spray modes and a durable brass mixer with a swivel spout.

From easy, intuitive push-stop controls to self-cleaning nozzles and electroplated finishes, this all-in-one shower packs a punch with its handy features.

Intuitive PushStop controls

squarerooms casa rubine pushstop shower mixer black gunmetal grey controls faucet tap

S81 in Black

Instead of complicated shower controls, the PushStop Rainshower column from Rubine makes use of simple, straightforward knobs and buttons that are easy to use for the whole family, even elders and children.

Just push the button to start the water flow, then turn the knobs to switch functions and adjust the temperature. To move the water flow to the swivel spout, just extend it to the front and it will switch automatically, retracting back into its space-saving position when you’re done.

To turn the shower off, push the main shower button once more, instantly stopping any water flow with no dripping.

Rich water flow and soothing spray modes

squarerooms casa rubine pushstop hand shower water jet

R61 in Chrome

Rubine’s unique air injection technology enriches the water with air, which makes for soft and gentle water droplets that caress your skin for ultimate relaxation. This works with low water pressure too, so you can enjoy a dreamy shower no matter what.

While the overhead shower has a single spray mode, the hand shower comes with three spray modes for you to switch between as and when you please: spray, mist, and an invigorating combination of spray and mist.

The Rubine PushStop Rainshower column can also remember your favourite shower settings for next time, including your preferred water flow, so you can save time and get a spa-like shower going at the push of a button.

Self-cleaning nozzles

squarerooms casa rubine pushstop shower self cleaning nozzles shower head

R61 in Chrome

The self-cleaning nozzles are a particular highlight of the PushStop Rainshower, designed with Rubine’s patented pins that prevent dirt build-up in the shower head.

These pins are also what allows the water flow to stop instantly with no bothersome dripping once the shower is turned off!

Durable finishes

squarerooms casa rubine pushstop shower bathroom black dark

S81 in Black

We’ve all heard of bathroom fittings that peel and tarnish over time, but you won’t have to worry about that with the Rubine PushStop Rainshower.

Thanks to the electroplated finishes, you can get this shower column not just in chrome but also in black without the risk of wearing down the surface over time. You’ll also be able to choose between a round and square design for the shower, giving you more freedom when matching your bathroom style.

squarerooms casa rubine pushstop shower chrome silver bathroom grey

R61 in Chrome

No matter your choice of shape and finish, your Rubine PushStop Rainshower column will carry a one-year warranty on parts and service, plus a generous seven-year warranty on the shower cartridge and diverter.

See the PushStop Rainshower in action and find out more in the video below!

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