Unique and Fool-Proof Gifts to Celebrate Your Dad this Father’s Day

Dads can be notoriously difficult to buy presents for, but nothing’s impossible! Keep reading for our top five father’s day gifts to suit every kind of dad.

A woodworking workshop

For the hands-on dads who like a bit of DIY, a woodworking workshop will be right up their alley. At Tombalek, workshops cover anything from making chopsticks to crafting wooden toys and even entire knives (which combines woodworking with hot forgings and other handy skills). They start at just $20 and can go up to $360, depending on how elaborate the workshop is, with free cancellations during the pandemic.

A delicious meal

No matter the kind of dad you have, he likely loves food, meaning that you can never go wrong with a hearty father’s day meal. You can find plenty of dishes and cuisines on typical food delivery sites, such as Deliveroo and Food Panda, but we especially recommend Dial-a-Beryani, a delivery site for some truly delicious Indian food (and some of the best Palak Paneer we’ve ever tasted).

A portable diffuser

Home fragrance may not be the first thing that comes to mind for a father’s day present, but many dads love a nice scent—that’s why they often head to the office covered in cologne! Another thing many dads are famously fond of is their car, so here’s something to combine these two interests: a portable diffuser for the best-smelling car in town. Homegrown brand FLO Aroma has a gift set just for father’s day, which includes their portable FLO Diffuser Go and three essential oils.

A reusable water bottle

If your dad likes to keep fit while staying at home, he’s likely going on lots of runs—and running through a whole lot of water bottles. To curb the plastic waste, we recommend getting your dad a reusable water bottle, such as the gorgeous glass bottles from SOMA. Despite being made of glass, these bad boys are hard-wearing and long-lasting, so even clumsy dads will appreciate them. You can get one directly from the SOMA website, as well as from Crate&Barrel, TANGS, Redmart and other certified SOMA stores.

A Wi-Fi photo frame

Dads are notoriously sentimental—even if they don’t always admit it. Gift your dad a display of his most treasured memories with a Wi-Fi photo frame, such as the Meural frame from Netgear. This way, he’ll be able to upload images digitally and watch them come to life instantly, be it hanging on the wall or standing upright on the desk, the nightstand or even the dashboard in the car.