A Glimpse Into A Classy Victorian Abode Located Along Fajar Road


With their detailed panels, charming furnishings and fancy finishes, nothing is quite as grand as Victorian dwellings. Swathed in luxurious materials and furbished with lavish furnishings, this three-room flat for two in Fajar likens itself to that of its cousins.

“The homeowners of this apartment decided to purchase a three-room flat as they wanted to spend more on the furnishings and renovations in their new home,” says Kalyn Goh, the interior designer from Home Journal who was roped in for this project. “The decision resulted in a bright, modern Victorian style apartment that is cosy and classy.”

And what best articulates the modern Victorian look is a blue-grey, full-height TV wall that was framed and trimmed by a professional carpenter and then spray-painted for a woodgrain finish. The TV itself was recessed, allowing the wall to achieve a seamless appearance. Flooring was used to define the spaces – the living room is lined with lighter woodgrain tiles while the flooring for the entryway and doorway into the kitchen takes on a darker shade.

Opposite the sizeable feature wall, Kalyn installed a brick wall to add some tactile interest. The hues employed in this gritty surface were deliberately chosen to match the brown leather sofa. A half-wall opening was created, offering a glimpse into the dining room whilst imbuing a sense of airiness and spaciousness throughout the home.

A marble-topped counter was constructed outside the kitchen to serve as an extra prep station, an area for baking and a serving counter. The cabinets and drawers underneath were done up in a similar panelled design for better unity.

White subway tiles clad the walls of the kitchen. While most of them were laid in conventional staggered brickwork pattern, the tiles for the backsplash were laid in herringbone design, giving the space added visual interest. Black kitchen cabinets stand in stark contrast against the pristine backdrop.

The dining room is temporal – the homeowners plan to turn it into a kids’ room in the future. For now, a custom marble-topped high table is set amidst crisp white walls in the dining room. To anchor the space, an industrial-style light fixture was affixed to the ceiling.

Moving onwards, the master bedroom achieves a hotel-like ambiance with its chic decor, crisp bed linens and a sophisticated colour palette. A wall was clad in grey fabric panels, adding a sense of opulence and softening the space. For better design cohesion, Kalyn chose a grey wallpaper to cover the TV wall.

Though small in size, this swanky Victorian-themed three-room flat is just as beautiful and classy as its fancy cousins.

This was adapted from an article originally written by Ho Pei Ying in Volume 8 of IdealHomes.