Pick Up A Few Interior Design Ideas From This Chic Cafe-Inspired Apartment


Close your eyes and picture this: You’re walking down the sidewalk in Australia and you chance upon a charming little nature-inspired cafe with al fresco dining arrangements. Now open your eyes. If you could put into images what you’ve just pictured in your mind, we bet they’d look something like this three-bedroom apartment located in the western end of Singapore.

“Before coming over to Singapore, the owners were living in Australia. And because the cafe culture was already so integrated into their lifestyle, we thought it would be fun to translate the culture and vibrancy of the city they came from into their new home,” explains Meiyi Li, the associate designer on the three-d conceptwerke team that was roped in to help with the home renovation.

The owners love to cook and entertain, so naturally, the kitchen and communal zones were major focus points during the planning and design process. They also wanted these areas to be seen as one cohesive space but with elements that allow each one to work individually when required.

In the living room, an abundance of white and light grey tones dominate the space. But it is hard to find yourself not being taken by the striking deep green feature wall. Initially, the colour choice was something the owners were quite hesitant to adopt, and they needed much persuasion and convincing from the designers. But once they were won over, it was a choice they didn’t regret, for the feature wall now serves as the apartment’s anchoring point against the crisp neutral backdrop.

As the owners are frequent hosts of gatherings and parties, the designers decided to imbue the dining zone with a spacious and airy atmosphere, which was achieved through the abundance of white tones. However, with the addition of warm wood tones on the furniture pieces and accompanying storage units, the space is prevented from feeling too overly clinical.

The kitchen had to be highly functional without losing its aesthetic appeal as the owners spend much time here. To ensure that the owner’s request for a cohesive home was met, the upper half of the surrounding partition walls were hacked away and replaced with black mild steel-framed glass dividers. “The kitchen could have easily been cracked open to flow into the adjoining spaces, but we chose to contain the cooking area to allow for worry-free cooking,” Meiyi further elaborates.

Within the kitchen, a groovy geometric patterned floor catches the eye. The statement piece was something the owners had specifically requested for, giving guests a peek into their fun and adventurous side. Meanwhile, a selection of sturdy materials – like the stainless steel countertops and backsplash – allow the cooking zone to keep up with its regular usage.

When it came to the private living chambers, budget constraints meant that there weren’t many modifications that could be made to the space. However, in order to provide the owners with a space that they can retreat to after a long day, the master boudoir features a luxurious bed that was oriented to face the generous windows that line two walls.

Even though most of the master bathrooms’ original fittings were retained, one major design modification the shower zones had done to them was the change of floor and wall tiles. “The original glossy black wall tiles in the bathroom did not tie in with the design of the rest of the home, so we changed it out for a tamer grey tile from Hafary. To make the space more cohesive, we then overlaid the flooring with the same grey tile,” Meiyi explains. Additionally, to help the shower zone better serve its purpose, a low wall was added behind the vanity, which is used by the owners as a landing spot for their bathroom and shower essentials.

The renovation of this three-bedroom apartment is all about the thoughtful design tweaks that marry form and function. With a solid foundation and an enduring design, every other aspect of the home is able to come together harmoniously to result in a stylish yet cosy abode for all involved.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the October 2018 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: three-d conceptwerke 

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