SquareRooms Home Search 2017 Second Runner-Up: A Chic And Cosy 4-Room Flat That Encourages Maximum Relaxation


When you first step into this high-rise apartment in Clementi, it’s hard not to be taken by the open concept floor plan and the vast amounts of natural light flowing through the space. That’s not just it though, for the unit also boasts unobstructed views of the its surrounding landscape, with Bukit Timah Hill in the distance. But before it became the industrial-meets-Scandinavian masterpiece it is today, the unit was just a blank canvas waiting to be painted over by homeowners Robertson and Joanne Tay, and their interior designer Ivan Oh of IDISID Interiors.

Being avid hosts to friends and family especially during the festive season, one of Robertson and Joanne’s main requirements for the apartment was to have an open concept floor plan between the living and dining areas, and the kitchen. This was where Ivan’s boldness came into play, as the walls of two bedrooms had to be knocked down to achieve seamless continuity and provide generous space between the three spaces.

But what’s perhaps the most unique feature of the dining area – also the aspect of the home that Joanne loves the most – is a suspended swing bench that was designed to counter a safety concern – the couple was worried that a regular bench would topple over the platform due to the narrow space – serving as both function and aesthetics.

Besides Robertson and Joanne, also calling this apartment home is their beloved dog Friday, whom they adopted last October. Although design modifications didn’t take into account the various factors that came with living with a dog – renovations were completed in June, the couple’s meticulous planning helped make his transition into being a part of the family a fairly smooth one. For example, the raised platform where the dining table sits serves as a demarcation of where Friday can and cannot enter, in turn protecting the garden and also doubling up as a separated area for those who doesn’t like dogs, and Friday.

When it’s all said and done, even though Clementi was not originally the choice location for their matrimonial home – the couple had initially balloted for a unit in Punggol back in 2012, their mutual love for mature estates and keen eye for detail has certainly transformed this BTO unit into an extremely spacious and cosy abode, for all its two and four legged occupants alike.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the December 2017 issue of SquareRooms.

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