Take A Peek Inside Interior Designer Chris Huang’s Open Concept Flat


Being just stylish simply does not cut it when it comes to describing the look of Chris Huang’s open-concept apartment. A unique blend of tranquil luxe and industrial functionality, the entire space is a physical manifestation of the interior designer’s creativity.

Inspired by the subtle hues of a traditional tu zhuang Chinese garment – hung prominently in the dining area – the entire apartment was given an equally restrained palette of blue, black and grey to create a laid-back Zen-like atmosphere.

Chris – who runs his own interior design company Bowerman Interior Planner – also made the decision to incorporate a number of polished surfaces as they would create a distinctive visual contrast with the apartment’s predominant background of rustic cement textures.

In the master bedroom and adjacent dining area, contrasts abound. Concrete-lookalike wallpaper used for the dining area’s rear wall create a stunning backdrop for the oriental garb that is Chris’ muse for the apartment’s design. For consistency, similar-looking laminates were utilised for a cabinet structure that wraps around a corridor window. As a finishing touch, Chris made use of a limited edition rug from Joss & Main to anchor the space.

Meanwhile, a monochromatic palette lends the adjacent bedroom a distinctive character. In particular, the choice of dark grey wallpaper helps to create a cosy setting in the bedroom, while visually distinguishing it from the dining area next door. The master bedroom, in Chris’ words, resembles a “goldfish tank” as it is fronted by a series of clear glass panels, which were installed after demolishing the surrounding walls. The homeowner also created a false horizontal column to frame up the bedroom and give it a more symmetrical appearance.

In terms of decor, the bedroom comes equipped with a rustic bench that was constructed from an old ceiling beam, along with a fascinating pulley lamp. Outside, the wardrobe features a trio of louvred doors, which conceal storage cabinets that Chris refurbished and repurposed from a Malaysian restaurant.

As a private chef for hire, the multi-talented Chris created a highly-functional cooking space that would serve his food preparation needs. Apart from a sleek induction cooker and a ceiling-mounted hood, Chris also installed a stylish marble countertop, which comes with a Nano Seal barrier coating for protection. By extending the counter, Chris set aside a small corner in the kitchen to serve as his personal workspace. Despite its compact size, the space comes equipped with a trio of hanging pendants and an adjustable stool. Below, an underhung cabinet provides storage for a printer as well as Chris’ documents.

Keeping to the apartment’s neutral colour scheme, the bathroom makes use of a monochrome palette to create the impression of a cosy, serene space. Touches of luxe can be found in the form of a classy white marble top with soft, wispy grey veins and a silvery mirrored door that works around the challenge of fitting a vanity mirror in a tight bathroom.

When it came to outfitting the apartment’s bathroom, Chris overcame space limitations by situating the WC and shower area in the same zone. Other than affixing an overhead rain shower fixture, Chris also created a box structure to house the WC’s cistern and PVC pipes. Textural variations can be found in the rough surfaces of a granite “mushroom” wall in the shower area and glossy black tiles that cover the rest of the bathroom’s walls. As part of the makeover, rectangular homogeneous floor tiles were chosen to create the illusion of an elongated space.

This was adapted from an article originally written by Stanley Lim published in IdealHomes vol. 9. Photo credits: Bowerman Interior Planner