Take A Peek Inside This Monochrome-Chic Penthouse


“The owners were quite specific with what they wanted – a clean, streamlined home,” says Terence Neo, design director of boutique interior design firm, EightyTwo. And it was due to this request that this five-bedroom condominium penthouse at The Bale now sports an immaculate design, which consists creative storage options, minimalist furnishings and all-about understated beauty.

Following the makeover, one can hardly tell that the home used to be “dark, gaudy and tired,” according to Terence, who amped things up with a white and light wood scheme that complements the abundance of natural light entering from the balcony. Benefitting the most from this neutral palette is none other than the adjoining living room, which features a considerate design based upon occupants’ needs and inherent spatial characteristics.

As the homeowners entertain frequently, Terence proposed a furniture layout that is orientated towards the balcony, creating a lovely seating area where guests can enjoy the outside view in comfort. On the other hand, the key factor behind the living room’s efficient use of space is its selection of streamlined storage fixtures.

“As the living area is rather tight, we decided to stay away from bulky storage as they would only take up more space, and result in the surroundings becoming more cramped,” the design director explains. Taking their place are a pair of overhead shelves running parallel to each other as well as cabinetry that conceal a protruding column for a more streamlined profile.

In line with the overall design aesthetic, both the entryway and kitchen feature a sleek appearance that conveys elegance. In the case of the former, a conjoined settee-and-shoe-cabinet was constructed to add functionality as well as a sense of thoughtful hospitality to the surroundings.

Conversely, the kitchen was torn up to let in more light and make it more spacious. At the spot where a wall once stood is a brand-new island that serves as a comfortable secondary dining area with its sturdy KompacPlus top and twin bar stools.

A similar degree of attention was also paid to the use of space in the home’s private spaces, in particular the junior bedroom and entertainment room. For the junior bedroom, which is occupied by the owners’ daughter, a loft bed was constructed as a part of the space-maximising approach to the home’s design. Compact but sturdy steel stairs provide safe access to the upper sleeping platform, while a series of cabinetry and display shelves underneath the structure ensures that every square inch of the bedroom is maximised.

In contrast to its restrained colour palette and furnishings, the entertainment room possesses a certain grandeur thanks to its impressive height. “As the room is on the second floor of the penthouse, there is also a pitched roof that greatly enhances its character,” says Terence. Space-defining feature aside, the room’s revamp too saw the addition of a bay window settee that makes for a cosy reading nook.

When taken as a whole, the revamped abode certainly comes off as a cohesive and spacious living environment – a thought that is echoed by its occupants. Terence adds, “Because of the improvements that give it a brighter and cleaner appearance, the owners are really happy about how their home looks like now.”

This was adapted from an article originally published in the October 2017 issue of SquareRooms.