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What Is Your New Scandi Style?
What do you like best about the Scandinavian style?

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Recommended Flooring Materials For Each Part Of Your Home
While there are many types of flooring materials available on the market, from ceramic tiles to solid wood, their usability within a room depends on more than just looks. We simplify your search with the most efficient flooring recommendations for each part of your home. Communal area: porcelain tiles and marble Porcelain
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7 Reno Hacks To Know Before You Start Your Home Makeover
Renovating a home is a complicated affair that demands plenty of creativity and time. However, some parts of the process can be simplified. Here's how to leverage on a couple of straightforward and smart renovation hacks that will help you attain your dream home in the most efficient manner possible. Keep
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The 5 Essential Questions You Should Ask Before Renovating Your Home
As the spaces that we spend most of our time in, homes are undeniably an important part of our lives, which also makes it essential that they are designed to suit our personal preferences and daily needs. So read on, and take note of these 5 important pre-renovation questions that will
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An Air-tight Guide To Caring For Air Plants
Air plants, or tillandsias, are perhaps some of the easiest plants to care for. They require minimal maintenance. They don’t need to grow in a bed of soil. And they make for perfect indoor companions. Even those lacking a green thumb can handle this sturdy house plant. All you need
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8 Secrets For Creating A Welcoming Apartment Entryway
It may be a transitional space, but the foyer is an important section in most homes. Not only does it serve as an introduction to the rest of an apartment, an attractive entryway also matters if you wish to leave a positive impression on first-time guests. Ensure return visits with these 8
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5 Contemporary HDB Kitchens With Warmth And Style
If you are a home chef who prefers the natural comfort of wood-clad joinery over the cold (and oft clinical) appearance of minimalist fittings, this article is for you. Take a look at these 5 kitchens that will hopefully inspire warmth in your own cooking space with their earthy, but no less stylish
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Essential HDB Renovation Advice Direct From The Experts
The HDB flat has been a source of housing for Singapore's general populace since the ‘60s. It has evolved over the years with different form and facade, flat types and layouts – and lately, altering Singapore’s urban landscape with high rise BTO buildings that cater mainly to new homeowners. However, renovating
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Organising Tips For Tiny Bathrooms
Decluttering is absolutely essential for maintaining a bathroom’s appearance – here’s how to do it with style. Baskets are functional and stylish Instead of using the usual plastic boxes and containers, why not give handwoven baskets a try? These alternative organisers are the perfect repositories for a wide range of bathroom items such
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5 Simple Tips For A Pet-Friendly Home
They might be our favourite furry companions, but on occasion pets can be a handful to have around in a domestic setting. From chewed up curtains to broken ornaments, these seemingly minor household issues can build up into an unmanageable mess when they are improperly guarded against. With that in
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