A Cafe-Inspired Punggol BTO With Loads Of Personality


As cafes multiplied in Singapore, many have zoned in on perfecting their interior, each striving to outdo their competition in the race to provide customers with unparalleled ambience. The immaculate decor implemented in these hotspots have inspired their clientele to recreate or introduce some cafe-specific elements into many of their residences.

“Although we started without a particular theme in mind, we leafed through magazines and did some research online,” shares Lee Wei Xiang, the owner of this splendid five-room HDB unit. “We love spending time at a cafe and my wife enjoys cooking – so we thought to have a cafe corner in our home. This entire concept really fit in with our preferences.”

Punchy furnishings paired with black track lights lend a touch of Scandi-industrial aesthetics to the living space. The clever use of brick wallpaper applied in the dining room complemented by tungsten lights amps up the rugged look throughout the shared communal space. Yet, it is the a smattering of cafe-inspired pieces – such as the dark walnut dining table, black seats and pop art throw pillows – that soften the harsher, austere elements.

To create a seamless transition from the dining area to the kitchen, the couple got their interior designer from I-Bridge Design to construct a bar counter with real bricks. A display rack fashioned from wood, laminates and black metal rods provides a resting place for their curated memorabilia and paraphernalia. “We like to travel and my wife would always bring something back from the country we visited. The top shelf houses her entire collection of Starbucks mugs accumulated from our trips,” Wei Xiang says. “The bell near the entryway was also bought on one of our visits to Chatuchak, Bangkok years ago.”

Coloured with black chalk paint, the wall serves as a giant canvas for Wei Xiang’s wife, who enjoys doodling. Complemented with a turquoise backsplash, the contrast between the bright and dark shades ties the entire look together. The result is a kitchen that is visually arresting and stimulating.

Inspired by American homes, the kitchen employs an open storage concept alongside conventional storage solutions. A novel storage idea, this eye-catching implement saves room. Instead of installing a window to block out harsh rays and rain, the couple opted for blinds.

Standard bedframes were done away in the bedroom. The couple went with an enlarged raised platform that extends beyond their bed. A vintage-industrial wall lamp, wardrobe, display units and settee were made from similar laminates and wood, imbuing the space with a raw, unpolished feel.

Though the couple was happy with the bathroom and the length of their bedroom sink, they fitted the area with shower screens and shelving. The bathroom mirror was equipped with hidden LED lights for a rather inconspicuous ring light.

With a medley of hues and textures artfully incorporated, this residence has character in spades.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the September 2016 issue of SquareRooms.