A Classy All-White Condo That Oozes Old-World Charm

Harkening back to a time long past, Victorian-style homes are a sight to behold with their classy interiors that boast intricate details and soft curves. Pair this aesthetic with modern sensibilities and you get a thoroughly timeless living space that is at once elegant and comfortable. At the request of a pair of homeowners who share a love of European-style homes, interior designer at Weiken.com, Eva Lau, exercised her magic to bring the couple’s dream home to life in the form of a three-bedroom condo unit replete with Western motifs and furnishings.

In keeping with the homeowners’ desire for a swanky yet tasteful home, the interior features a muted palette primarily composed of greys-and-whites. “Following discussions about the home’s look, a series of subdued colours were chosen for two reasons: the first would be to create a sense of calm and the second is to give prominence to the fixtures, especially those with a more lustrous finishing,” explains Eva.

This concept is embodied in the living room, where a ceiling painted in daisy white takes on a similar shade as the generous marble slabs that make up the apartment’s gleaming floor. To accent the surroundings, the ceiling also features a series of cove lights framed within an elegant ceiling structure composed of decorative cornice mouldings.

Sharing the same space, the room’s acrylic-white television console is a specially designed piece that doubles as a wall display shelf for the owners’ collection of trinkets, which include porcelain vases as well as a unique Oriental-style tissue box, among others. However, the living room’s centrepiece is undoubtedly its studded pewter-grey two-seater sofa that comes with several matching cushions.

Meanwhile, the adjacent dining area blends into its surroundings thanks to the effective combination of a clean paint scheme and elegant fixtures. Fronted by a stylish glossy-white dining table with classic turned legs, the rear wall plays host to a gorgeous mirrored panel framed by white hinter strips that aid in creating the dining area’s timeless look. A suspended birdcage-shaped chandelier, which houses a single bulb enveloped within a curtain of crystal strands, also adds to the exquisite image of the dining room.

Closer to the apartment’s front entrance, a wall of bifold doors running along the length of the central hallway make for an eclectic addition to the largely Western-themed interior. Featuring traditional Chinese-style motifs of various flora and fauna, the solid plywood door panels open up to reveal shoe storage receptacles concealed within.

“The doors were spray painted white so that they would blend in with the monochromatic look of the nearby living spaces,” Eva shares, “In addition, the inside of the shoe cabinets were mounted with black-coloured MDS boards to streamline the overall look of the structure.”

Another notable apartment space, the master bedroom bears an identical feel to the outer rooms as it adopts similarly-themed fittings in its decor. Between the wallpaper’s vintage-style flower patterns and the contemporary grey surfaces of a divan bed occupying the room’s centre, one can easily discern a sense of harmony that ties the entire look of the home together.

Colours and motifs aside, the incorporation of lustrous surfaces and ornate structures into the master bedroom’s design also reflects Eva’s efforts in ensuring visual consistency throughout the entire home. Hinter strips from the living room’s rear wall make a reappearance here, whereas the reflective surfaces of a pair of gleaming steel nightstands are reminiscent of the eye-catching mirrors found in the general living space.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the February 2017 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: Weiken.com