A Cosy, Functional Abode

This flat in Tampines is home to six adults and comfortably caters to all their needs.

The homeowners of this flat in Tampines wanted a clean and spacious look for their renovated home and those two words are exactly what come to mind when you step in. It’s no surprise then that the design team from Versaform revealed the theme for this facelift was “modern Japandi plus a little muji”.

The block was built in 1988 so the homeowners wished to spruce up and modernise their home but the modifications were not just cosmetic. There’s a changed floor plan now too, as the designers divided one of the bedrooms into a study and a maid’s room, providing extra space as well as individual privacy. The homeowner is able to ensconce herself in the study when working from home, with a bookshelf to easily store and hide away any office essentials. There is also a small seating space here, for reading in private when not at her work desk. The homeowner admits this is one of her favourite spaces now and she spends a lot of time here.

A sliding door separates the study from the living area. The black frame was chosen to allow the space to speak, plus it stands out against the grey textured flooring selected by the design team. The entire home’s flooring was changed and the designers even created a welcoming space near the home’s entrance.

This foyer is separated from the rest of the living area with a different tile design chosen by the homeowners – homogeneous tiles that are terrazzo lookalikes. These tiles create a walkway from the front door, clearly marking it as a space for putting on and removing shoes when leaving or entering the home, respectively. The design team built an L-shaped low shoe cabinet here, with a suspended drawer too. This allows the residents to neatly store their shoes and socks or even use it as a comfy corner for lounging.

Spacious living

The kitchen was expanded by demolishing a wall between the existing kitchen and master bedroom. It was already a large area but now has a multi- purpose function, with clear spaces for cooking and washing up. A bi-fold door now greets the homeowners at the kitchen’s entrance so that it can be closed off to keep food smells in. This is another of the homeowners’ favourite spaces, as “there is a lot of space to cook and prepare food, with all appliances kept away in the tall cabinet”.

A small pantry area was created just outside the kitchen door. This means that the homeowners are still able to do simple tasks – such as making a cup of coffee or grabbing some biscuits – without going into the kitchen. The pantry cabinet also creates more storage space for the large family, with a design that flows well into the main kitchen.

The master bedroom underwent a major change too, with a custom-built TV feature wall as a stunning design feature. This also means the homeowners can comfortably catch up on their favourite programmes while lounging in bed. It has an ulterior, clever purpose too – to block out the sunlight that shines directly onto the bed. Behind this wall sits the dresser as well as more storage space.

With a wall between the kitchen and master bedroom now gone, the designers were able to create more depth in this room. Thus, the wardrobe is well-hidden in this space, not taking up any room in the sleeping quarters. The ensuite had an overhaul too, with new vanity cabinet, shower ledge and shower screen, as well as new wall and floor tiles.

New wardrobes were built in the two other bedrooms too. The second bedroom also has a sizeable study table, for the homeowners’ daughter and husband, who work from home most of the time. This space was created so that two adults can comfortably work here with their computers, plus there are drawers and shelves to keep any work items out of sight so there’s less clutter.

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Overall, the home’s muted colours make it look cosy and inviting. Plus, the track lights that adorn the ceiling in the living room give the large area ample brightness for the family to go about their daily chores. The choice of beanbags in this area add to the comfy vibe. The homeowners say they’ll get a sofa at some point if they think they need it, but the beanbags work fine for them right now. With such a snug ambiance in this flat, the absence of bulky furniture in the living space is certainly a plus.