A Family Home That Resembles A Chic Boutique Resort


Tucked away in the leafy residential area of Coronation Road is this six-bedroom terraced house. With its simple decor and a welcoming colour palette, the home primarily serves as a space for rest and relaxation for a family of 9. But before the modern resort-inspired abode came to be, designers Lawrence Puah, Jenny Phumthida and Ash Ashiqin of local interior design firm akiHAUS embarked on an overhaul to transform it into the bright and airy space it is today.

Through correspondences with the homeowners, the design team came to understand their tastes and preferences, lifestyle and functional requirements. “They didn’t want the overall look of the home to be too overwhelming in terms of design. In addition, with the number of people living under the roof, storage was a major concern for them,” says design director Lawrence. In order to meet the demands of the occupants, the team first practised a restrained hand in the colour palette. Sticking to earthy and neutral tones, the choice of materials was then enlivened by the abundance of natural light that permeaetes through the home from the generous glass windows, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

The family’s desire for simplicity is also accentuated in the home’s minimalist decor. Intended to be airy and spacious for family gatherings and other daily functions, the central living space was predominantly swathed in white. Upon first entrance into the space, one would be immediately greeted by a luxurious sofa framed between a television feature wall and a shoe cabinet along the entryway. A design treatment that flanks both features, one might gloss over the timber panels and pass it off simply as a decorative element. But what lies beneath is a plethora of nifty storage compartments. By having these compartments double up as a feature wall, the designers provided the homeowners with more storage units while also injecting an interesting visual element into the space without having to incur more time or cost.

To promote greater interaction between guests and the family during gatherings, the designers carved out additional seating by cladding both the upper and lower sections of the shoe cabinet in padded cushion to create a comfortable platform that guests can sit on. This design modification also ensured that the homeowners will always have ample seating arrangements for their guests without the need for standalone chairs or stools.

Much like the other parts of the house, the family room exudes an inviting quality when suffused with natural light streaming through the generous black-framed glass windows. Used for different purposes by different members of the family, the space boasts a bold colour palette that when placed in contrast to the wood tones, creates a cosy space perfect for both work and leisure. For storage, the shared space features a combination of open and closed shelving units. “The closed-door units are used to keep unsightly files and folders away from general view, while the open shelves proudly put the family’s books, framed pictures and alcohol collection on display. In addition, the timber panelling used on the feature ties back the design to the other spaces in the home,” explains Lawrence.

In the master bedroom, not only did the akiHAUS team have to design a space that was conducive for the main owners of the home, they also had to take into consideration the newborn baby who would be staying in the same space as well. As such, the boudoir features a similar use of white and wood tones to achieve a soft and soothing ambience. Even though most of the room’s design was kept relatively pared down, it allowed for the headboard to be the true focal point of the space. A recessed niche that provides an interesting visual element to the storage cabinets that hang above, the headboard was constructed out of timber panels. To provide the occupants with a comfortable surface to lean back on, the middle portion of the headboard was also padded over in cushion, with the design carved out to emulate the surrounding timber panels, ensuring seamlessness between the two elements.

Navigating further into the room, past the fabric wallpaper-lined partition wall is the walk-in wardrobe. Despite having a relatively small square footage, the space doesn’t feel tight or cramped. Instead, it feels light and spacious thanks in part to the use of glossy white laminates on the wardrobe units. In addition, the match up of wood tones on the timber panelled-ceiling and vinyl flooring, as well as the incorporation of embedded cove lighting, injects a cosy atmosphere into the space.

For Lawrence and the akiHAUS team, the project was a fulfilling one that came together really well. In addition to the end result being a space that the family can luxuriate in, it is the little details in design and furnishings that make this home a truly special one; and it is all in thanks to the wonderful partnership between the homeowners and their designers.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the July 2018 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: akiHAUS