A Minimalist Apartment Designed To Allow Its Occupants To Hone Their Music Skills


When it comes to home renovations, “jamming studio” and “home” are 2 words you won’t likely to find muttered in the same sentence. After all, not many people would want to risk the wrath of neighbours disturbed by the sounds of chord progression and extended hours of band rehearsals. But for the homeowners of this 3-bedroom condo in North Bridge Road, it was highly important that their new home was designed in a way that would allow them to work on their hobby in the comforts of their own space.

Together with the team from local interior design firm 0932 Design Consultants, the homeowners carefully curated a feasible design concept to incorporate this requirement. As wood has the ability to absorb sound, the living room – in which the owners and their friends hold their jamming sessions in – saw the installation of wooden panels along one side of the wall, minimising the transfer of sounds to the neighbours’ apartments. To adhere to the streamlined look the owners wanted for their home, the feature wall also conceals the entrance to the adjoining studio. The only giveaway to the room’s entrance is a straight line visible near the top of the feature, cutting across the grain of six wooden panels. “It’s not only a clever and unconventional way of concealing spaces to keep the home looking clean, it is also a design feature that never fails to impress any of the homeowners’ friends or family,” director of 0932 Design Consultants Rosytern Goh explains.

Not wanting to detract from the majestic view this particular unit has of the Singapore Sports Hub, the designers made it a point to keep things in the communal zones minimal. The use of low-slung furniture allows natural light to flow through the entire home. But the pared-down concept has another underlying benefit. “The neutral backdrop of this apartment serves as a blank canvas,” Roystern explains, “As such, it allows the homeowners to characterise the home to match their personal preferences. The dynamics of the space can also be easily adjusted in accordance to their evolving needs as the years go by”.

To create a spacious visage, the original partition wall that kept the kitchen closed off was knocked down. This design modification was made to create an open concept floor plan between the living and the dining zones, allowing the homeowners to have multiple guests over without having the space feel too claustrophobic. What was once the kitchen entrance is now a multi-purpose kitchen island, topped with a Silestone quartz worktop that wraps around a customised metal-framed base. Not only can it be used for food prep, the island unit is also large enough to accommodate six people comfortably on both sides. To avoid the green tinge that usually comes with standard tempered glass backsplashes, the designers made the conscious choice to use a premium grade of crystal white backsplash instead. This material choice also allowed the series of white upper and lower cabinetry to blend seamlessly into the wall, maintaining visual consistency.

Further into the apartment, the master boudoir shares the same design treatment as the rest of the house. Taking up the entirety of the bedroom’s entryway, the six-door floor-to-ceiling wardrobe units were clad in light woodgrained laminates from Lamitak, with only the customised cross-shaped door handles giving any indication of the storage space beneath. Practicing good design flow in the space, the designers also covered the wall next to the wardrobe with the same woodgrained laminates, transforming it into a distinctive accent wall.

At the end of the three-month renovation, there is no doubt that the design team over at 0932 Design Consultants played an enormous part in helping the homeowners achieve a home that is spellbound by the owners’ love of all things music.

This was adapted from an article published in the March 2018 issue of SquareRooms.