A Multigenerational Abode That Oozes Creative Style And Warmth


Simplicity and functionality are the qualities that lie at the heart of every Scandinavian-inspired interior. And things are no different in this two-bedroom dual-key apartment located in Tampines. The project brief was fairly straightforward. Working with interior designer Cadine Lim from Prozfile, the owners requested for a minimalist and uncomplicated home.

This resulted in a space swathed in whites and browns that imbue the home with an open, airy atmosphere, whereas eye-catching pops of colours help brighten up the surroundings and distinguish it from run-of-the-mill designs.

To anchor the Scandinavian theme, the original compressed marble flooring was swapped out for vinyl, immediately lending the home a sense of warmth. From then on, it was all about playing with the right materials to keep the apartment spacious, stylish and cosy.

Much like its Scandinavian counterparts, this abode’s unsullied foundation was complemented by a collection of streamlined furniture pieces that enhance its serene atmosphere, with most possessing white and wooden tones. The lack of built-in fixtures and the untouched walls also serve to enhance the home’s clean and minimalist appearance.

However, the use of subtle details and textures help make the space a visually interesting one. This can be seen through the dark wood and gold tones of the television console as well as the chevron patterns on the door of the shoe cabinet located along the entryway.

Adjacent to the communal spaces, the original opaque kitchen partition wall was torn down to make way for a cobalt-blue aluminium-framed partition wall. On the inside, the kitchen scores highly with its contemporary fittings and understated colour scheme. White acrylic laminates and wooden textures are heavily used here, which can be seen on the cabinetry flanking the stove top. “Specifically requested by the clients, the white tones on the upper cabinets detracts the space from feeling too heavy, while the wood tones on the lower row help to ground the fitting. This colour combination is also very easy on the eyes when people are looking straight on at it,” Cadine explains.

For the purpose of casual meals and food preparation, a breakfast bar counter was installed behind the sink. Similarly to the base of the sink, it’s attached to, the base of the bar counter was also clad in cobalt blue, which matches the frame of the glass partition wall surrounding it. Additionally, the outer vertical surface of the counter was constructed out of slatted panels, giving the feature a tactile quality. Further back, the full-height storage cabinets were constructed using pocket doors, which can be opened up like a display shelf. By allowing the doors to be slotted within special crevices, visual clutter is minimised, keeping the utilitarian zone neat and tidy as a result.

The master bedroom similarly adopts a restrained design style. Through its crisp white colour scheme, a sense of brightness and airiness manifests itself throughout the room, while an abundance of wood tones imbue the space with a cosy vibe. To provide the occupants with additional storage units, a generous King-sized bed sits atop a solid plywood platform, where items can be placed or retrieved through flip-up panels.

Sharing the same area as the bedroom, the walk-in wardrobe is a cosy area thanks to the use of dark wood laminates. “We decided to use dark laminates as they provide a contrast to the light wood flooring. We also used slatted panels within the design to add a visual punch to the space” Cadine elaborates.

On the other end of the dual-key apartment, the space is solely dedicated to the homeowners’ father. Kitted out with comprehensive fittings and fixtures, Cadine was simply required to elevate it into a more conducive and functional space for the occupant to go about his daily activities. For example, a high table and bar chair was included at the corner of the room for reading, and the sliding cabinet door over which the television set is mounted on allows the user watch daily programmes comfortably while sitting in his armchair. Meanwhile, the mustard yellow shade on the dual-tone wall injects a bright and cheery tone to the space.

Coupling these bespoke touches and a thoughtful sense of space planning, Cadine has created a home is that comfortable and welcoming. And it is through her strong design sensibilities and dedication to detail that has resulted in a home that shines with beauty and practicality.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the October 2018 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: Prozfile