A Romantic Semi-Detached Home Along Upper Thomson That Is Simply Stunning


When the topic of grand homes is broached, images of high ceilings, wide open spaces and Victorian furniture are conjured. Over time, these dwellings fused both modern and vintage styles and the result is no less romantic in nature.

This generous home was once crammed with an eclectic array of furnishings until Maena Ong, the art director from interior design firm Mong Design, breathed new life into the space. Now fitted with furnishings that feature fashionable metallic shades, clean edges and timeless designs, this resplendent home exudes a luxurious charm straight out of a modern fairy tale.

“They’d moved out for 5 months to make this renovation happen,” explains Maena, “And the male homeowner had been living there for most of his life – the couple decided it was time for change and opted for a minimalistic concept.”

In consideration of the home’s minimalistic slant, the inhabitants vetoed feature wall applications in favour of a fresh coat of paint. To add some tactile interest, the living room’s TV console was fashioned from MDF boards and given a sandy outer coat.

Ostentatious red partitions that separated the living and dining rooms were removed and replaced with glass alternatives to modernise the space. Coupled with the polished dual-toned marble floors, they serve to compartmentalise the zones.

Moving onwards, the kitchen’s pre-existing entrance was sealed to make way for a new and improved entryway at the side. Inside the cooking zone, understated ceramic tiles tie in nicely with white and wood-effect laminates for a clean and chic look.

For a subtle but effective update, Maena removed the staircase railings and replaced it with glass panels. The result is a sleeker and spacious stairwell.

The open concept garage on the ground floor was levelled to make way for a common room. Outfitted with darker shades, metallic and marble finishes, the new space beckons after an exhausting day. A stylish marble bar backsplash brings an air of elegance and sophistication to the space, transforming it into a classy space for the occasional gatherings.

Rooms on the upper levels have been given the same modern treatment. In the master bedroom, a sizeable walk-in wardrobe adopts an open concept style commonly found in high-end boutiques. Amidst shelves and cabinets that house a plethora of accessories and clothes, plush rugs and sweeping mirrors embellish the area, enhancing the space’s hotel-like ambience.

An understated grey covers the walls in the master bedroom, imbuing it with a sense of intimacy. Against the muted slate grey, the herringbone timber floor pops, adding some visual interest. The earth-toned furnishings have been artfully styled for a cohesive finish.

A perfect blend of old meets new, this tasteful three-generation home is a feast for the eyes.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the September 2016 issue of SquareRooms.