A Scandi-Industrial Apartment Perfect For A Busy Couple

One great thing about new executive condominiums is that it usually comes with existing fixtures like built-in carpentry works and kitchen appliances. However, that can be a bane or bonus judging by the way one looks at the situation. For instance, these existing fixtures can interfere with the overall style dictated for the living space or it can cut down on the renovation duration and budget.

The designers from Versaform definitely took it in their stride when they approached the renovation of this HDB executive condominium unit. The brand new flat has been furbished with a fully done-up kitchen and flooring. At that time, it was up to Versaform to interpret an industrial style: a look that resonates with the homeowners’ preferences. “The homeowners are an air steward and air stewardess respectively and they wanted to return to a welcoming industrial-style haven,” reveal the designers.

Looking at the fully done modern homogeneous tile flooring in the communal areas and parquet flooring in the bedrooms, the designers knew that establishing a full-on industrial look would not bode well in the end. “Hacking away the new flooring and then replacing it with cement floors would be too wasteful, and is neither time nor cost-effective,” explain the designers. “Therefore, we decided to introduce some Scandinavian elements to match the existing flooring.”

With that, the designers teamed the glossy homogeneous floor tiles with neutral-toned walls of grey paint interspersed with a light cement screeding treatment. This culminates into a spacious and neat setting to better accommodate the heavier industrial-style visual elements. For instance, wire mesh has been lavishly utilised in the communal areas and this symmetry of grids is well paired with other industrial-style hallmarks like laminates bearing distressed-looking motifs and OSB boards.

This is evident right from the main entrance, where the designers have implemented a slim wall-mounted shoe cabinet. For that, wire mesh has been appropriately used not just as an aesthetic element, but as a ventilation measure. A chalkboard panel has been added to the mix as well and the designers have a special and sentimental reason for working it in. “The homeowners travel for a living and at different intervals, so we thought it would be nice for them to have an old-fashioned chalkboard to stay connected and leave notes for each other,” the designers explain.

While the shoe cabinet sports a green chalkboard, the rest of the communal areas are adorned with dark blackboards. This distinction creates a sense of visual demarcation within the small area between the main entrance and dining zone. A full-height blackboard feature wall outlines the dining area prominently and the homeowners can choose to change the backdrop with coloured chalk and artistic scribbles. Besides the full wall of blackboard, an overhead feature of red brick tiles framed by a mount steel structure anchors the dining area and wows as the design highlight of the home.

For the three bedrooms, the designers merged the master bedroom with a common bedroom to create an expansive suite for sleeping and dressing up in. Segregating the areas by function is a glass sliding door which cocoons the sleeping quarters into a cosy corner. “Rest is important to the homeowners and that is why we dimmed down the ambience of the sleeping area with blackout curtains and dark tinted glass panels,” the designers say.

The homeowners were also keen to bring in a gold yellow hue, instead of a safer blue, for the feature wall in their sleeping zone. For this bold request which can either triumph or fail spectacularly, the design team took the plunge without hesitation. The strong stroke of gold yellow paint, which has been painted over a cement screeding application, now constitutes as a stand-out design statement for the sleeping quarters.

By keeping an open mind and being considerate of their lifestyle needs, the Versaform team has forged a remarkable working relationship with the homeowners. The same can be said about their friendship as all of them have become firm friends. “From client to friend, we are glad our involvement has evolved into something meaningful,” the designers add with a smile.

This was adapted from an article originally written by Disa Tan published in the December 2016 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: Versaform