This Lively Condo Proves that Child-Friendly Design Can Still Be Stylish


What started out as a design brief of mature design tastes soon transpired into something fun and free-flowing for this three-bedder resale condo unit. “The homeowners came to us looking for a refined, executive-like aesthetic,“ say Wilson Teng and Vandra Png, designers from Studio FortyFour whom helmed the renovation. Most of it was however, shelved due to the precocious nature of their beloved toddler. “We were particular about the design forms executed in the home and decided that curves would be more child-friendly than sharp edges,” adds the team.

Curves are prominent in the heart of the home, which is the spacious living area. It has been merged with the balcony to create a larger hang-out spot for the family to unwind with their daughter. “It’s where the homeowners spend most of their time in, and we wanted to foster an open space for their little girl to explore her surroundings with peace of mind,“ says the team. That explains the custom-built TV console bearing graceful contours in a dusty blue laminate setup. For added visual impact, the laminate tabletop finish details multi-coloured terrazzo speckles and a lip guard.

squarerooms studio fortyfour blue curved design condo pastel living room

“It was very challenging for the carpenters to create the soft contours,” the team explains in materialising the curved design of the TV console. “We also had to factor in perforated cabinet doors to allow for infrared signals to pass through.”

To stand up to family life, a Blåfink sofa with child-friendly curves and woven with Aquaclean technology was chosen to grace the living space. This unique fabric treatment offers easy care properties by allowing the homeowners to clean away common stains using water. The custom-made seat sports a modular configuration of gently curved units and a backrest of matching rotund form.

Other than the alluring voluptuous forms, a delightful palette of light pastels and saturated tones makes a sweeping statement in different parts of the home. There is a sophisticated undertone to this striking colour scheme which is well-complemented by other brass finishes. Through this fresh yet refined colour scheme, it very much fulfils the homeowners’ initial desire for an upscale modern look.

squarerooms studio fortyfour blue curved design condo dining room wooden table blue door

Stepping into the enclosed kitchen through an arc-shaped door, a feeling of whimsy takes over. Says the design team: “We wanted to convey a cosy cottage vibe with the arc-shaped doors. Without a door frame, it creates the idea of entering into a toadstool mushroom home.

”While most kitchens are filled to the brim with cabinetry to better maximise storage space, the cook-space presents much fluidity in space with counters of rounded edges.”

squarerooms studio fortyfour blue curved design condo kitchen

The designers say: “Curved edges help to relieve the tension and temper block-like counters.” Another design highlight is the arc-shaped window which mirrors the forms of the counters and door. Looking out into the service yard, this window allows more light to reach into the confines of the cook-space. The whimsical arc detail also plays up the modern matte finish of the blue KompacPlus panels applied to the counters.

As exemplified by this home, one doesn’t need to compromise on style to conceive a child-friendly setting. The application of curvy design details can really go a long way and with that, Wilson and Vandra have more than met the design brief of fulfilling all the lifestyle requirements for the family living here.

This post was adapted from an article originally published in the February 2020 issue of SquareRooms.