Steal A Style Inspo Or Two From This Hip Industrial-Themed HDB Home

Having its roots in 18th century architecture, the industrial aesthetic is heavily inspired by building designs that hail back to its namesake era. For this reason, an abundance of rustic details, such as exposed textures and metallic fixtures, can be commonly found in homes that adopt this factory-inspired style of interior design.

In addition to possessing the hallmarks of an industrial chic interior, this four-room HDB apartment is also characterised by its customised fittings that give it a striking image. For Icon Interior director Max Lee, who was responsible for handling the makeover from start to finish, the result is one that is as practical as it is dynamic.

“The homeowners wanted a more daring take on the industrial look,” says Max. “And with this vision in mind we set out to outfit the apartment with a variety of materials that fit within the theme.” As a result, the entire space was completely transformed into a personalised abode for two, following a renovation that lasted approximately three months.

Plenty of thought was put into selecting and installing various fittings that are found throughout the apartment’s quarters. In the living room, an urban pipe-and-wood TV stand provides a simple but eye-catching display for an assortment of collectables, such as candles, books and miniature potted plants – all of which accompany a sleek flat screen TV.

The dining area, which is fronted by a welcoming entrance of exquisite Peranakan tiles, likewise comes with its own dedicated furnishings. Sandwiching a collection of fully-personalised dining furniture, consisting a rectangular table and chairs with galvanised iron pipe supports, are a wall-mounted shelf as well as a full-height plywood cabinet that fully address the homeowners’ storage needs.

The desire for a truly individualised home is similarly conveyed through the kitchen’s design. At first sight, it is clear that no expense was spared in transforming the kitchen into a highly-efficient prep space kitted out with a collection of sturdy stainless steel equipment.

“Commercial grade kitchen fixtures were chosen both as an extension of the overall industrial theme and to create a practical cooking zone for the owners,” says Max. However, the process of equipping the kitchen was by no means an easy feat as Max reveals that the dimensions of each piece had to be carefully planned and fabricated to fit perfectly.

Equally well put-together are the master bedroom and its accompanying bathroom, which come off as cosy and bold. In the former, an interplay of wood and metal can be found in an open-concept wardrobe that combines powder-coated mild steel and solid plywood storage drawer chest. Whereas for the latter, a mix-and-match of wood-effect, patterned and cement-lookalike tiles serves as a visually arresting backdrop for a galvanised pipe vanity.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the June 2017 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: Icon Interior