This Coastal-Themed Apartment Is The Definition Of An Urban Oasis

When it comes to selecting a calm palette for a home, there is probably no better pairing than a mixture of blue and white. Simple and pleasant, this colour scheme is what lends this four-room condo unit its relaxing atmosphere.

“Both colours were specifically chosen by the owners as they wanted a gentle look for their home,” explains Derrick Lim, Principal Director of D’Marvel Scale, and the designer in charge of the entire revamp.

New colour scheme aside, several structural changes were also made to improve the apartment’s flow and functionality.

One of the biggest modifications made was an overhaul of the study’s facade that separates it from the adjoining living room. Following the renovation, the structure now features a glossy all-white exterior accompanied by blue highlights. Meanwhile, its soft curves further enhance the apartment’s pleasant atmosphere by drawing in the eye.

Also of note is the secondary role that the facade plays as a TV feature wall within the living room. Additional fittings – such as a recessed shelf that joins a sleek screen in bisecting the frame and an angular media storage alcove – serve to further enhance the structure’s usefulness.

Belting the living room and dining area is a stretch of flooring covered in diamond-shaped tiles. “We installed these tiles to take the place of their original, damaged counterparts when the passageway between both spaces was widened,” shares Derrick, “By laying the tiles at an angle, this creates the illusion of a 3D cube pattern that pops up from the floor.”

Close by, a wall brand-new cabinets conveys a similar sense of movement with diagonal door silts, whereas its chamfered side presents an interesting way to terminate a built-up structure instead of the usual boxed-up look. An acrylic white dining table joins the storage cabinets in creating a visually appealing profile with its avant garde design that combines a clean-lined rectangular tabletop and a sinuous, fluid pedestal base.

Similar to the dining area’s entrance, the kitchen is fronted by an identical stretch of mosaic. “Once again, we had to replace the original flooring as they were damaged when the kitchen was expanded outwards,” says Derrick. “This had to be done as in order to accommodate the owners’ request for a preparation island and a new sliding door entrance.”

Mirroring the backing of other storage structures found throughout the apartment, the kitchen’s glass backsplash was treated to give it a soft blue tint. New additions to the cooking space also include variegated quartz kitchen counters as well as a corner cabinet that hides a rubbish chute from plain sight.

Akin to the kitchen and communal areas, brand-new fittings were installed in the common bathroom to enhance its form and function. For instance, the sink vanity was extended outwards to provide more counter space, while a mirrored cabinet was added to provide valuable storage. The harmonious pairing of blue and white is also put to good use here to highlight the uniqueness of a wraparound structure of the vanity.

With Derrick’s help, the apartment’s bedrooms were given new looks in line with the occupants’ tastes. The children’s bedroom was made over with a racing theme. Aside from the addition of a race car bed, the room’s original wall niche was also expanded to create a track shelf that brings junior’s imagination to life.

As for the master bedroom, a row of cabinets was installed above the existing wardrobe (which also conceals a TV) to maximise the room’s full height. Near the bedroom’s expansive bay windows, a cosy corner completes the entire transformation with its inviting sky blue sofa perfect for lounging on a lazy weekend afternoon.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the June 2017 issue of SquareRooms. Photo credits: D’Marvel Scale