This Zen-Like HDB Flat Is The Perfect Sanctuary To Come Home To

Mention the brand “Muji” and what comes to mind is the image of a warm, simple home that is characterised by quiet, understated furniture and cosy spaces. In the experienced hands of interior designer Cadine Lim, this vision was realised within the interior of a 4-room HDB flat located at the heart of Marine Parade.

Simple textures and subdued hues characterise the home’s setting, along with various customised fittings that serve to tie in the overall atmosphere of comfort and ease.

“The owner was looking for a home that focuses on the theme of simple living, so we created an original design that is both simplistic, yet elegant,” says Cadine. Entering the home, one would immediately take notice of the living room’s raised platform. Featuring a wooden-style vinyl flooring, the structure forms the heart of the space, which is shared by a walnut coffee table and a comfy box seater sofa.

Running along the length of the living room windows, an unusual storage bench adds a sense of calm with its integrated fish tank. The room also features a special display shelf, which was built to house a miniature fan, a home cinema projector as well as several nature-inspired knick-knacks, including a set of moose statuettes and miniature potted plants.

Reflecting the design sensibilities of the living room, the adjacent master bedroom possesses a similar charm. Each space is separated by a sliding glass door that blurs the borders between both rooms for an open concept. Meanwhile, the bedroom uses the same vinyl flooring as its counterpart — one which blends well with surrounding fittings. Complementary wooden textures adorning the feature wall located behind a generous king-sized bed as well as the wardrobe, similarly integrate well into the master bedroom’s decor.

In addition, what appears to be an extension to the wardrobe beside is a concealed door that leads to the apartment’s bathroom. Simple in its layout, the washroom consists solely of a table top washbasin that rests atop a cement screed counter, as well as a single toilet. Separating the toilet from the sink area is a tiled concrete barrier, which lies opposite to a feature wall constructed with ribbed tiles from Hafary.

A second door located to the left of the sink leads out to the kitchen, which exudes a comparably clean vibe. The choice of pristine white and wood-effect laminated cabinets creates a country-like feel that pairs well with a backsplash of spotless white cube tiles. To ensure that the kitchen does not appear too cluttered, handle-less cabinets and drawers were chosen, resulting in a clean visual flow.

In line with the Japanese-themed appearance of the flat, the yard area integrates Chennai wooden slats and rustic wall tiles for a rural look. As per the owner’s request to convert the space into an semi-outdoor shower area, a regular shower head was installed, along with a recessed feature wall capable of housing bath necessities. A miniature balcony garden completes the alcove’s relaxed mood with its assorted mix of bonsai plants and Japanese lawn accessories.

This was adapted from an article originally published in the December 2016 issue of SquareRooms.