4 Things To Note When Collecting The Keys To Your BTO

You’ve received your long awaited appointment letter and you’re counting down the days when you can finally go and collect your BTO keys. Here are 4  things to do to kick start your journey as new homeowners.

  1. Bring all required documents
    Before your appointment, make sure to prepare an original copy of all important documents.Here’s a checklist from HDB of what is required:

    • NRIC(s) for all individuals listed in the application
    • Marriage certification
    • ETIQA Berhad fire insurance certification to be purchased at HDB Hub
    • Latest CPF statement(s)
    • Completed GIRO form

    If you are unable to go for the appointment, you could either invoke the Power of Attorney (PoA) to go on your behalf.

  2. HDB fire insurance
    It is compulsory to purchase a HDB fire insurance policy when you’re taking up a HDB housing loan. Make sure that you arrive at least half an hour prior to your appointment to purchase a fire insurance from the ETIQA counter at HDB Hub. Please note that the basic fire insurance plan only covers structural fire damage and does not include any household items. You could refer to HDB for further details on the ETIQA Berhad fire insurance scheme.
  3. The appointment
    Now that you’ve gotten the fire insurance sorted, it’s time to go for your appointment! Head on over to level 8 of HDB Hub, get an auto-generated queue number and wait to be attended.Here’s where you hand over the documents you’ve prepared in step 1. The HDB officer will handle the administrative details and assist you in confirming the HDB monthly instalment to be paid. You will also be required to sign a couple of legal documents such as the lease agreements and the CPF Home Protection Scheme (HPS) if you chose to opt in.An invoice will be issued and you will have to make payment for your first Service & Conservancy Charges (S&CC) before your keys will be finally released to you!
  4. Activate electricity and water supply
    Now that you have the keys to your new home, it’s time to open an account with SP Services to immediately activate the electricity and water supply to your unit. Although you do not have to immediately set up an account, it’s still advisable to activate your electricity and water supply so that you could check for potential defects during your first few home visits.