5 Amazing Themed Homes In Singapore To Get Inspired By

Deciding on a theme or concept for your home may prove to be challenging. Whether you draw inspiration from films or other mediums, there are still many factors to consider: your space requirements, lifestyle and personal design aesthetic. We’ve rounded 5 themed houses to help you along.

Boutique hotel

living room

Image credit: 0932 Design Consultants

What with their plush rugs, comfy cushions, sleek furnishings and spot on colour schemes, the best space to emulate is always that of a luxury hotel. Over the years, these hotels also boast a plethora of small space solutions, which you can employ into your own residence.

Swede chic


Image credit: FSI

When Scandinavian styles are mentioned, images of white and wood elements are first conjured. Give the Nordic style a chic facelift by painting your walls in pastel shades and outfitting your space with complementary furnishings.


dining room

Image credit: New Nyew

Reminiscent of the speakeasy bars found in Prohibition-era New York, this residence plays home to leather furnishings and vintage embellishments. Though the generous wine rack and a gorgeous chandelier serve to enhance the olde worlde vibes, a floating bar counter introduces a modern twist.

Modern vintage

living room

Image credit: Three-D Conceptwerke

Strike a balance between modern and vintage looks. Colour one of your walls in a vivid tone and complement them with classic shapes, cushions and paintings. Update your traditional ceiling fans by pairing them up with contemporary black track lights.

Mad Men concept

living room

Image credit: FSI

Who says you can’t draw inspiration from your favourite TV shows? Borrow elements and tweak them to suit your preferences. Take for instance, this Mad Men-inspired crib which features leather seats, concrete screed surfaces, exposed conduits and plush rugs.