5 Paint DIYs To Add Colour To Your Home

Bring a splash of colour into your interior with these effortless paint DIY projects.

  1. Frosted glass cup
    DIY Frosted Cup
    A frosted effect on drinking glasses can make a cool drink even more refreshing. Simply dip a sponge into some glass paint and dab the outside of the drinking tumble. You can go as translucent or opaque as you like, and even layer on a few different colours. Leave cups to dry overnight before using.
  2. Handpainted napkin
    DIY Handpainted Napkin

    Cup a sponge into a desired shape and size (we were inspired by quartered orange pieces). Dip the sponge into a bowl of fabric paint and dab the sponge on your chosen piece of napkin. Once the paint has dried, sew the outlines of the shapes to make them pop.
  3. Patterned serving tray
    DIY Patterned Serving Tray

    Give the tray a dark walnut finish by first staining it with a wood stain. Once that is dry, dab on some acrylic paint with round sponges of varying sizes. Adding this whimsical touch is sure to impress guests!
  4. Paint splash plate
    DIY Paint Splash Plate

    To make these Jackson Pollock-inspired plates, add a small amount of water-based porcelain paint into a jar, followed by paint thinner until a watercolour consistency is achieved. Mix using a wooden or a spoon. Drop, swirl, splatter or brush the paint mixture onto oven-safe plates. Once you get your desired look, leave to dry for 24 hours. Finish up by baking the plates for 25 minutes in an oven set to 300 degree Celsius.
  5. Patterned cushion cover
    DIY Patterned Cushion Cover

    Bored of your plain cushion cover? There’s nothing a tube of fabric paint can’t fix. Simply brush on metallic paint in bold strokes directly onto the fabric. Don’t forget to iron the cushion cover to set the fabric paint in place.