5 Ways You Can Use Your Spare Room


Got an empty room in your house that you have no use for? Here are some ideas to finally make the most of that space.

Home office

If you’re stuck working remotely due to the pandemic, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour by turning your spare room into a quiet home office. Even if it’s a relatively small room, the peace of working behind a closed door is going to significantly improve your focus and productivity. Plus, you’ll be able to relax much better at home by keeping work and play in separate areas.

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Walk-in wardrobe

Is your spare room located right next to the bedroom? If so, a walk-in wardrobe may be in order. You’ll be able to free up plenty of space taken up by your old closet in the bedroom and end up with a much better overview of your clothes. Do keep in mind that you may have to cut a door into the wall to access the wardrobe from your bedroom.

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Hobby room

Carving out a space at home for your hobbies is just as crucial as having a dedicated work zone. It doesn’t matter what your hobby is—you can turn your spare room into a library, an art or music room, a sewing station or even a gaming area. Give the room a fresh coat of paint to match the mood of your hobby and get into a fun, relaxed headspace when you enter.

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Home gym

Staying fit during a pandemic can be hard. Exercising at home usually means cluttering the living room with equipment and blocking the view of the TV. That’s where a separate room dedicated to a home gym comes in handy. You don’t need to clear out the equipment after every session and you can even mount a screen on the wall to broadcast exercise videos while the rest of your household watches TV in peace.


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Guest bedroom

While not as exciting as a hobby room or home gym, a guest bedroom can be really useful if you have friends and family staying over frequently or if you know people who may want to visit you from different parts of the world. It can also double up as any of the spaces above while not in use, making it twice as handy!


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